Wednesday, November 13, 2013


On the very same night that I was packing for a much deserved (if I do say so myself) weekend away with friends, my girl was preparing for the first middle school dance of the year. The theme was masquerade, and when I looked at the flier that day to find out how much she needed for tickets, I noticed that each ticket would come with a face mask that the kids could decorate for the dance. Masquerade! What fun. I told my girl, who rolled her eyes with tragic sympathy for my idiocy and said "No one is wearing those mom, we need to go buy one!"

Buy one? I queried?

Buy one that you will wear for two seconds and then discard?

Buy one for the dance that is tomorrow, that you have invited a friend to, that I need to be packing instead of shopping for?

I told her to be happy with the included masks or go without, and went about the business of tearing all around the town buying up last minute items for my trip. One of my stops took me into the vicinity of Party City, and as we all know, I am Mother Of the Year, so in I went to see what I could find.
$6.99. done. I texted her: "This okay?"

I fully expected a barrage of OMG squeeeee you are so aweeeessssssome thank yooooooou messages.

Her response? "Do they have any that match my top?"

But alas, this was the only one. In the midst of hammering out a heartfelt "screw that", I caught sight of a few more masks in the back room, which was being packed up for next year's Halloween.

There were a few more.

"there are a few more", I texted.

Oh my God so many more.

I told her to pick one, and hurry up about it. She was quiet for a while, then in what I imagined was a pipsqueaky peering out from between clenched fists voice, she asked: "is there any way I can come try them on?"


Her punishment was that she could not say no to a single photo. When my battery died, I used her ipod and she had to email me the rest of the photos.

A few were tried with varying hairstyles

Other than the weird smooshy nose syndrome, she looked pretty great in all of them

Well, maybe great is a strong word.


Who doesn't love a masquerade?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, that is some punishment you put her through. So mean!

And I'm so glad my favorite, peacock-feather-clad mask made it (although the gigantic butterfly was a clse second ) . . . right onto *your* still-not-packing head.

Speaking of which, you, my little feathered friend, can Walk Like An Egypt-Ian like nobody's business.



Beth said...

Oh my, I surely did NOT know how much effort went into securing those masks! They did assure me that they wore them at the dance though. At least for a few minutes ;)

You *are* a great mama. And it's always so fun to have them at your mercy after being accomodating and generous, is it not?

Your girl is adorable, as usual.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

They are *both* adorable mini-me's. Er, mini-you's.


mom said...

I thought that first picture of your girl was you! love the fashion show - good job "mother of the year"
love, mom

MB said...

Hysterical, Jacq! You ARE Mom of the Year. xo