Friday, November 8, 2013


Here's how you prepare for a weekend away if you're me:

Monday:   Yaaaay! This is a shortened  week, I can't wait for that faraway neverland of Thursday when I check out of this hellhole. Maybe I'll take a half day so I can show up to the girls' weekend with pretty tootsies. I've got ages to think and prepare, it's going to be beyond awesome.

Tuesday:   Yaaaay! It's like a half week, it's so cute! I had a good workout last night but today I think I'll skip the gym and hang with my fam.

Wednesday:   Yay... okay I'm a little behind the 8-ball, need to think about what I need to do and plan and pack and stuff. Gotta work out though, it's gonna be pool weather!

Thursday:  Okay shit, leaving tomorrow. What am I going to wear and who is driving and what do I need and where do I go and where is the time and oh, what?  Happy hour? Sure! Yaaaaay! It doesn't matter what I bring cuz we're all friends and I'll just buy whatever I forget and GREEN SANGRIA, ya?

Friday:  Ya.


Pat said...

Love, Pat

Beth said...

Loving those sassy booties!! And yeah, as long as you have a bikini, and those boots, you're golden. Oh, and maybe take some really rockin' shorts? Try wearing them with no shirt. (It's a really good look!)

Have the best-est time!


mom said...

Enjoy your getaway, you've earned it.... love you... mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You do such a great impression of yourself! I love the cute half-week. And I think Beth's right: toplessness with shorts is *all* the rage.

Have a *great* time. I'm sure everything will be just fine at home. Just put Moki in charge.