Friday, November 29, 2013

Excuses, excuses WAIT... updated

wait, this is what i meant to say:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

after Thanksgiving dinner...

Ah, Thanksgiving. It's so great and delicious and quirky, isn't it? Every family has such unique rituals and demands, there are certain things that each of us just must have on the Thanksgiving plate. For some it's disgusting creamed onions, for others it's overrated turnips, and for many it's some other unexpected veggie like a rogue salad (which looked delicious, cousin). I was in charge of the normal veggies this Thanksgiving, which was a no-brainer. Peas and green beans. My wee family has evolved to include the quintessential peas 'n carrots combo that can only be found in the finest grocer's freezer, and the green beans speak for themselves. Except... I had a horrifying last minute thought around 10:00 on Thanksgiving morning, so as I tore into the Safeway parking lot for a couple of last minute items, I called my cousin to shriek: "You weren't expecting green bean casserole, were you?!"  Thankfully (on many levels), no one expected anything other than the pure goodness of steamed fresh beanies, and they were delicious even without the gahlic that would have made Uncle Paul holler in bostonian.

Our meal was sublime, and soon after we turned this

photo credit: my boy, on his phone. the kid was born to blog

into this

photo and pig credit: me
We had the chance to explore the traditions and rituals that various family members engaged in after the Thanksgiving meal was done

The floor nap

a yum dessert of pie and/or a bowl of whipped cream

And the obligatory walk around the block

Walk is a relative term

Especially among relatives

But they're nothing if not fair

not pictured: the 5 seconds just before this shot was taken, when my boy dumped them all right into the street. Look at Owen rubbing his poor bum. And look at my boy laughing.

It was a really nice Thanksgiving, and the after dinner frivolity carried on right into the next day, when we gathered once more to enjoy Turkey soup and a very special ritual that I'd been anticipating since the first time I ever heard the word a few year ago.... CRANBERITAS!

The only things Sheila measured for this recipe were the tequila and the triple sec, yet I did not ask or notice what those measurements were. Some and then some more?

Then she squeezed up some limes

And dumped in some leftover cranberry sauce

and a splash of OJ

To create this most lovely and refreshing, perfectly tart and divine leftover Thanksgiving treat!


Well hiiii! Boy oh boy do I ever have great stories and photos and fodder to share! Good times. Wait, what? You'd like to see/hear/enjoy?? Oh dear. You shall, my dear,but not quite yet. My assigned Thanksgiving historian is sleeping on the floor. in front of my computer, so i can neither access her photos nor the machine to drudge up a repeat post. What I *can* do is peck out excuses on my phone and assure you that we had a wonderful week thatclimaxed in a fantastic Thanksgiving feast/dance party/extravaganza. I *might* have had a lot of fireball then invited 20 people over for turkey soup and cranberitas today. I should go check on that.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yep, I'm pretty sure that invitaion went out! See you this afternoon ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Fireballs! Happy Thanks to the Gee and the Giving.

Love you.



Thankful in Central PA said...

YUM! now I wished I'd asked for some of the leftover cranberries!