Monday, December 30, 2013

an inspired idea

Let's talk about Christmas! After our whirlwind of a fall season, we were excited to spend Christmas at home, just us. Our kids are in a pretty great groove of getting along these days, and it's making for some very happy times together. Happy times tend to be rewarding around here.

Case in point:

Surfboard for her, skateboard for him. Inspired. I love an inspired idea, who doesn't?

And everyone knows what happens when someone has an inspired idea around me. Like, for example, the inspired idea that mom and MB and Ellie had to have a lebanese feast for Christmas Dinner? What happens is that I copy it.

Stuffing. and Rolling. And stuffing and rolling.

I'll see your what it's all about and raise you one koosa

and if you thought *that* was an inspired idea...

We had the inspired idea to take ourselves on a Christmas Day Westy adventure to Sunset Cliffs

errrr, smiles?

If one must brood, why not brood here?
It's never easy being away from family on Christmas, or any other holiday. We comfort ourselves by being... you know, here. And by coming up with ideas for new and exciting adventures together as a wee family unit.

Inspired ideas.


Beth said...

Okay, what a color-coordinated under-the-tree assortment of presents!! Very impressive. Magazine worthy. Inspiring, really!! ;)

And wow, the Christmas day Sunset Cliffs photos -- perfection.

Really, the weather could not have been better, right? We are so dang lucky to know, here!


Me, You, or Ellie said...


I love that plate of food, I love those long legs on your girl, I *love* those giant pressies under the tree (what's the third big one, on the side of the tree?)

And I just love your boy's brooding pose. Geez. I wish I had such a great brooding spot, as a teenager.

You show the rest of the world how being *there* is done, Jay-queline.

Love it!

mom said...

Your dinner looks devine, as ours was... How I wish we all could be together at Christmas... love the post Jacquie... love you... mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

The other big thing was a really weird chair for the boy. It looks like a waffle woven trampoline, but is so comfy. Santa couldn't stand looking at the child curved into a sideways on the crappy futon. Something had to be done!