Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gidget Goes to San Elijo

When you're in San Elijo and the weather is perfect

and the ocean is as flat as the vast expanse of sand,

there's really only one thing for a California girl to do

Go to Surf School!
My girl has a well evidenced affinity for the ocean, and has been trying her hand at surfing this year. Bill has a big foam board that is a monstrosity to transport on land, but rumored to be dreamy by sea.

San Elijo has a great little surf school that we always see when we're there, but have never considered. This was the perfect opportunity, we had the means and the time and the gumption... we had everything except waves.

The class spent a little time on the beach practicing their lying down- to- squatting- to- standing maneuvers (pretty sure that's the technical/surfy terminology), then they paddled out to wait for the big one.
This guy was asking the kids trivia questions

Oooohhhh, he got the look

'sup, SUP? And hey, what's that over yonder? A wave?!

*burst* goes my heart

Riding right up onto the beach like a boss
Then back out for more

She had a great time, and it wasn't really as bad as I've made it look, she caught a million waves and got really confident out there. The next day she was able to fly solo and having the basics made her much more able on her dad's board.
I could look at these photos all the livelong day.

Go Gidget!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wait, what??

When did you wee girl become a gigantic, tall, willowy girl-woman??

These are beyond great, Jacquie. A surfer! How perfect.

Can't stop watching. Adore so much. I can smell and hear and see that beach.

Love love love.


Anonymous said...

I love this, can't stop watching it too. She's so lovely.... love, mom

MB said...

Love! My San Diego niece looks so awesome on a surfboard! xo

Beth said...

Your girl rocks the surfboard. And stays out in that ocean forever. Freezing or no. Love, love, love your California surf girl.

Love that the video keeps playing in a loop! Not sure how you did that, but pure brilliance.