Wednesday, December 4, 2013

before the feast

Oh, we'll talk turkey.

It was a Thanksgiving for the ages, with nieces and friends from far and away. Well from Phoenix. And LA. We had ourselves a big ol time, I tell you what. I took some... well,  three photos but then delegated the role of historian because 1) my phone was being weird and 2) I found new photo settings that made for very psychodelic images and 3) I was too drunk lazy busy cooking and hosting and making merry. I am certain that photos were taken, and I implore my houseguests to send them along so we can properly document the Fun Time.

While we wait, though, let's not forget that there was a whole adventure that took place in the vacation days leading up to Thanksgiving! Remember? We went to San Elijo!

ahhhh, San Elijo
It was absurdly beautiful, as per usual.

We had gorgeous, summer like weather and a really good dose of family time in our awesome yet oddly structured campsite.

Here are the things I love in this photo, in no particular order: the boy, the scooter, the girl, the westy, the bikes, the surfboard, the trees, the slippers.

We can all fit in the Westy, but it's tight, and someone snores.

Some of those someones slept in the tent.
We were just there for two nights, which is short but pretty much perfect when you've got a bird at home waiting to be brined. My girl took a surfing lesson in waves can best be described as pancake flat, but that's another post for another day.

Today in a stunning display of duplicity, I want to share the route taken by my children for the traditional last day voyage to notorious VG bakery. Remember this funny scene?

It inspired. And with a convenient tree placed just so...

My boy popped right up and over, then stood impatiently telling my girl to hurry.

She didn't care for the tree idea


Oy, the face.

She went back to the part where the top was less pointy.

Aw, look how he helps.
She finally made it.

Wait, take your camera for obligatory donut porn!

Wait, let me get a picture of you on the other side!


Wait, where'd they go?
Well, Moki, according to your big sister's photo tour, first they walked by the fabled Cardiff Kook

Then they approached the Muthaland with the expectation of instant gratification after their long, arduous journey.
Oh dear.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

VG's! The Quest! Revisited!

They're so gigantic and big and tall and old now, those kids of yours. San Elijo is so spectacularly gorgeous -- how I miss that place.

Looks like a fabulous getaway, for man and woman and beast. And skinny-jeaned teenagers.


Beth said...

Ah, fencing! It's truly becoming a family sport. And yes, your girl's face? I can see her thoughts with that look!

You did get some perfect weather. Man, have we had a spectacular fall. Lucky, lucky!

I'm getting up there next time you guys hit San E. Inviation or not.

Can't wait to see the Fun Time!


MB said...

What a beautiful pre-Thanksgiving getaway! Love seeing pics of your gorgeous fam. Miss you guys. xo

mom said...

Ah, San Elijo- I love that place. I loved camping out with you all - I especially loved my room at the Holiday Inn..... love, mom