Monday, May 5, 2014

a new millenium

When I bought my car, it had about 6 miles on it, presumably from being driven off the ship or truck and around the dealership before I got in for a test drive. It's a good car. It has never broken down on me except when due to my own boneheadedness. It was broken into once. It has taken us on more than a few long road trips, but most of its wayfaring has been in circular patterns around the city of San Diego. It has been a great vehicle (intended) for  talks with my kids, who were little booster back seat goobers when this car joined our family. This summer I'll teach my boy to drive it. Godhelpusall.

We've been through a great deal of change together, my car and I.

So a few days ago when I noticed this

It was bittersweet!

My baby's all growed up! It was very exciting, but also nerve wracking because I had to remember to keep an eye on that odometer reading, and those of you who know me will verify that I can be a tad distracted at times. I mean, my hawk like attention to detail is tuned keenly to the road, man. You'll also understand that I'm not that good at estimating mileage and distance, so I had no real clue about where I'd be when the big change came. So I took lots of photos.

Might have expended some of that diligent focus on a little cleaning binge, but let's stop focusing on my shortcomings, shall we?
When I noticed this on Friday evening, I knew it would be soon.
We were leaving dinner in two cars. Ordinarily my girl rides with me and the boys take the truck because show tunes. This time I had built up the excitement to a level that superseded the appeal of even the most catchy duets,  so both kids rode with me.

We drove right past our street and into the night, keeping watch and planning a big celebration for the inevitable moment. Our plans included reckless beeping of horns and flashing of lights.

Shit just got real.

Settle down, woman!


beeep beeeep BEEEEEEEEP!!!

Yes I did pull over for a more clear shot.


 What a moment! What a night! What a world.

The next morning, I started off down the road toward 200k.

Here's to the next chapter!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What a moment! What a night! What a world.

I love it Jacquie! Such a big moment in a rig's life. We had a big celebration when Westy turned 100,000 (I was driving on the Interstate), then another for her 200,000th birthday (we pulled over somewhere in Maryland).

May your wheels take you safely and happily onward forever.

Beep Beep!


mom said...

I thought your father was the only who took pictures of the big moments on the odometer - must be in the genes.. My Lexie is an old girl too... xoxo mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, it absolutely is in the genes, Mom. We have photos of both of Westy's momentous occasions!


Beth said...

What a world, indeed!

Glad both kiddos were able to celebrate the big moment with you!