Thursday, May 15, 2014

This is for you, Ellie. More magic

Guess what Ellie, guess what?

I discovered yet another layer to our birth dates, our special date of entry into the world that helps to define us. We know you're a/the birthstone expert, but this new angle may take a bit more time to commit to memory. It's the color of your birth date, and its accompanying characteristics. So, you know, 365 colors and their characteristics.

I came upon this in a store and was too cheap to buy the book, so only had time to snap photos of yours, Jacquie's, and mine before they moved me along.

These are listed below in chronological order, by month.

Me first! Just call me pickle!
Perhaps chatty pickle would be more apt.

You next, Ellie! Sensual and charismatic!
Plus, you seem to already know innately not to allow
monetary concerns to be the focal part of your life! Bravo! Go Neptune!

Last but not least -- Jacquie.
Dance, Jacquie, dance!
And don't forget to cry, career girl ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

This is so cool! Who knew?!

Your talents are many, Dill-Girl. Well, duh. And you excel in many many fields. Nicely done!

I *love* Neptune Green. I'm really glad I'm a green, not a blue, because I look much better in green.

And as for our independent, alluring and feisty friend, all I can say is Red Ochre is *so* not the armpit of the birthdate color world, as Jacquie claims Topaz is. Red Ochre is righteous.

Love this, Beth! So awesome. Thank you!


Pat said...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What, mom? The beach is outside!

Pat said...

That's right. I forgot--you take your family " camping" at the beach for a couple of hours now and then.

First Chair (1981) in Central PA said...

well, Beth, this just confirms what I told you many years could have been first chair viola.