Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cruising redux

Not sure if you remember the great deal I got on a used beach cruiser a few years ago? I was so happy with it, and with my girl's cruiser purchase as well, and we used them fairly often when living in Crown Point.

But then one 4th of July, which will be two 4th of July's ago this year, my ex husband took my bike for a spin with his pals, and the chain broke, and he had to be towed home, and he never fixed the broken chain. So, it sat and sat and sat and sat in the side yard, getting rusty and old.

Poor baby.

Once I moved into my house (Hey exactly one year ago today!! Happy anniversary 3646!) I went to his house and grabbed it and now it's sitting on my side yard getting even older and even more rusty.

The chain, if you're wondering, is also still broken.

My girl's cruiser is still serviceable, but her dad came by and snagged it one day and I've not seen it since.

This house we've now lived in, for exactly one year, is exactly 2.5 miles from the ocean (at least according to Google maps). I want to ride my bike there on days that I don't have a car load of crap to haul to the sand.

My rusty, no-chain, rotting bike is not going to get me there in its current condition. So I drive. And search for parking. And my thighs and ass get nothing out of the deal.

But low and behold, look was awaited me on my return from our weekend at the unhappiest place on earth:

Yes, a sparkling almost-new cruiser!

With a shiny bike lock, and water bottle holder and bottle...

And helmet and even the original instruction booklet!
Oh, and even a bike pump!!
Whoot! Watch out gluts, you're going to have to start performing!  

What a nice gift, right? Amazing! I jumped on that girl and took it for a spin straight away.

My mom bought this bike before she moved to San Diego, when she was still living in more bike friendly St Pete's in Florida. She hasn't used it much here in SD, and well, it's been sitting at her house on her side yard (but protected in a shed!) for almost two years, so she's taking mercy on me, and freeing up her space, and passing it on down the line.

I'm super excited and grateful. What a gift! And one that will keep on giving. Just wait, you'll see. I'm going to take a before photo of my ass today, then the after photo at the end of the summer. Bet you can't wait to see that!


Pat said...

So glad you like it!
Can the glut photos be optional?
Happy anniversary and birthday.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday is right. And what a wonderful present! You've got a keeper with that mom of yours, Beth.

I'm so happy for you to have a working bicycle. I would *die* without a bike. I would also die without hyperbole.

And for the record? I think your before ass ain't half bad.

Have fun!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

what fun! let's go for a bike ride.


Ariel said...

I was recently wondering if you've used your bike since you've moved, Pat...well, I'm so glad you found the perfect use! Happy cycling, Beth!