Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer in May

Monday was Mistah's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mistah!

We had a lot of ideas about how we'd celebrate, most of them involving a boozy lunch outside, on a deck, overlooking the water.

Do you know how hard it is to do that, along the shoreline in Connecticut? Well I'm here to tell you it's much harder than it should be.

So Mistah, bless his heart, pulled an Ellie and said, "Let's get a grinder and go to the beach."

Music to mine ears.

We packed up Westy, we called in our grinder order, we bought a bag of chips because it was a BIRTHDAY, we loaded up our Oscar with cans of Tecate, and we were off.

We brought sweatshirts: this is, afterall, May.

But we didn't need no stinkin' sweatshirts; we needed bathing suits.

Because it was warm. The beach was beautiful. The weather was stunning. After this long cold hard winter we endured, the day was perfection.

It was Summer. In May.

Mistah thought we should be shades-less for our Ledgie selfie.

Yeah, that worked out well.

And look who else was there . . .

That's right: Suntan Lady!
(She don't like it when it's shady.)

Oooh, and look who else was there . . .

Oh, it's okay; she was just having fun.....

And one of the great things about New London's Ocean Beach?

When one is ready to move on, one can go up to the Gam and have a drink on the deck, and look out upon the world:

Oh, hello drink.

Oh, hello world.

Oh, helllllooooooo Submarine going out to sea . . .

Only in New London, baby.

Oh, hello Mary Ellen.

Oh, hello boys.

 Good-bye for now, MV John H.

 Seeyalatah, Ledgie . . .

Until next time, Ocean Beach.

Thanks for the fabulous Mistah birthday. Thank you for the taste of Summer in May.


MB said...

So exciting that you had a Suntan Lady sighting! xo

Beth said...

Who is this mysterious Suntan Lady?

What a perfect day, Ellie. Just for the two of you on fine Mistah's birfday! Grinders, chips and beers? Lovely. And a drink on the Gam, and submarines, and Ledgie, and half naked boys (I call the one with white skips and shirt hair), and summer in May. Yay!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Suntan Lady! Oh, it's exciting. Beth, I am shocked that this is your first knowledge of the infamous Suntan Lady (she's my hero). Ellie,is it possible that you've never blogged about Suntan Lady (she wears coppertone zero)?!

Happy, Happy belated birthday to Billy Boy. That guy's a Schlekah for the ages.