Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let 'Er Rip!!

During our years on the road, when we had the opportunity to camp at state parks in the Westy for months at a time and therefore enjoy free electricity, Mistah would set up the coffee every night in our rescued Mr. Coffee coffee machine, and hang a little note to let me know, when I got up first in the morning, that it was ready to go.

(We still have the sign in the Westy, naturally; I photographed it in situ yesterday.)

Fast forward six years -- six years tomorrow since we arrived in New London! -- and that selfsame coffee maker -- salvaged from the dicey trailer our friend Norm bought in Florida -- still sits in our kitchen, and Mistah still informs the world about the State of the Coffee, with his notes.

Mistah is very helpful and instructive with his instructions.

The notes -- which still stay taped to the side of ol' Mr. Coffee -- offer an historic perspective to the proceedings . . .

Ed made an appearance . . . 

. . . as did Bruce.

Mistah even sets it up for me when I have to get up at approximately 4:44 once a year . . .

This is one of my all-time favorites:

I only hope that our girl Denise -- unlike her friend Bill -- 
knows her left from her right.

My Mom gets more notes than anybody . . .

. . . and she really loves our new carafe, which I recently bought at the East Lyme High School tag sale for 25¢, which is possibly the best 25¢ I have ever spent.

At this point, though, after all these years of detailed instruction . . .

. . . Mom knows the drill.


Beth said...

Ha ha, love this little slice o' life. I love all of Mistah's instructive instructions. How helpful. I do NOT know my left from right, so would have just gone with the arrow ;)

Although, come to think of it, I also do not drink coffee so no note necessary.

Let 'er rip!


mom said...

worthThat little machine makes the best coffee, and Mistah makes it strooooong... One cup does it for me... love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love this! Man, that thing has seen some mornings in its day.