Monday, May 19, 2014


My three younger sisters are awesome, luscious and delightful, but I've got a beef with them.

They're stopped producing nieces and nephews for me.

I need a lot more nieces and nephews in my life, people.

Thankfully, our young, virile, cooperative friends are still producing for us.

And they let me borrow their baby for an afternoon, when necessary . . .

Is she not spectacular?

I held her for an embarrassingly long time.

But the peeps were cool -- her godfathah, her fathah and her (so-called) real auntie.

. . . but she loved me best. Clearly.

But, oh, what a lovely family who invites us into their embraces.

What gorgeousness . . .

What lovelihood.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love that big bald baby head. I'm sorry for your angst, but I feel that I did my part in producing the next generation. Julie and Jane are just showing off.


Beth said...

An embarrassingly long time is the perfect amount!

You missed my last infant. If I have another will you come visit?