Friday, October 31, 2014

Almost o v e r i t

I'm so lucky! I am the Queen of Halloween. At least as far as this blog is concerned. I just realized that I got to post costume pics in 2012, 2013, and now again in 2014! Holy shit, did I have 2011 too? Please hold... 

No. Okay, but 3 years in a row! That's impressive.

I do not particularly enjoy Halloween, but I will begrudgingly give it the respect that it is due, and acknowledge that it is fun to dress up my kids. My girl tried really hard to go store bought this year. Silly girl. We compromised. 

Without further ado, though. Enough with the ado. Come on. Here is what I posted last year, which will take you right back to what I posted in 2012, then cleverly circle back to the past present when I ended with "check back in 2014." I think I Just fell into a wormhole.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

costume parade

Happy Halloweenie! This is only a partially recycled post, one that I believe is obligatory. Last year I organized a fairly awesome chronology of  the Halloween costumes my  kids have sported over the years, but I left you hanging by asking "what will tonight bring?" Today we solve the mystery of 2012, sort of. And even offer a bonus glimpse of what's cooking for tonight!


Ghosts of (some) Halloweens Past

It's times like this when I wish I was more like Ellie, with her neatly categorized photo albums available within arm's reach. My electronic photos are pretty well organized, at least since 2005 or so. But this morning's search for a legacy of Halloween fodder produced just one random early photo in an old flickr (formerly kodak gallery, formerly ofoto) album.

Look at my baby boy dressed up as enthusiastic elephant.  

Awwwww! Efalant.

Now imagine the next few years as a blur of cuteness in the form of Simba, a cougar, and various unfortunate disney characterizations... oh wait... Buzz and Woody:

2002? I'm pretty sure it wasn't even Halloween, but AWWWWWWW.

and then
2003 or 2004. The belly. the mugs. I die.
probably 2005 - Mimi made these costumes for them!
2006 - my girl had to decide between a white or a black unitard for this outfit. Once she chose, she announced to anyone who asked that she was dressed as "a black rock star."

2007. Inexplicable green hair.

2008 - commence dark years. Note the recycled cheerleader costume from last year!

2009. Awww? He won a trophy for that shit.

2010: fave.

2011- really pretty awesome. I spent an inordinate amount of time on her shoes, which you can't even see.
What will tonight bring????


Here is what that night brought:
2012. Now all your questions are answered?

Bonus... a preview of half the gang's getups for tonight's adventures:

rocking 2013, superhero style!
I've got to leave you with another cliffhanger...what will the boy be? Will he be anything at all? Check back in 2014

Hi! It's 2014! Want to see what the boy was last year?

yeeeeeaaaaah, booooooy
Want to see what they are wearing in 2014, when it's finally on a Friday night and we're all *almost* o-v-e-r i-t?!

Check back in 2015 :)


Beth said...

Q wormhole indeed, oh queen of halloween! Love it.

Were they ever that little? Sigh.

I'm kind of freaking on my very first no-kids-on-Halloween status tonight, but they'll all be in good hands -- including yours -- so there's that!

Have fun!! (And keep those girls in line, lol)


Beth said...

"A" wormhole ;)

mom said...

Love your boy in 2010, and your super hero daughter in 2013. Happy Halloween....xoxoo mom