Friday, August 19, 2016

a little more inspiration

I forgot about these! My phone was dead, so I asked Clara to take over the immortalizing of inspirational photos in the Ocean Beach Park gift shop:

I can't believe we didn't buy ALL OF THEM.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

May your blessings be countless. Like grains of sand.

Don't you get the feeling that a non-English speaker made these up? They're all just slightly . . . off. But perfect! Totally perfect. And sincere. And deep. Yes, deep like the ocean's floor . . .

I can't believe you didn't buy them all, either. If you had, you'd be Forever Inspired.

Love deeply. Like the ocean's floor.

Beth said...

omg, so funny. Although I have to say the first one is pretty awesome!

I certainly don't have 14 days to lose, so I don't diet!


PS Wish there were MORE photos of these! Hmm, maybe we should open up a shop with them here in Ocean Beach west!!! You in, J?


Janet Johnson said...