Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lucky number 7

My girl had a birthday - her seventh one.

She 's quiet an active and competitive seven-year-old so she decided to go with a competition-themed birthday party. 

The stakes were high.

The donuts were too.

My girl won the donut challenge. Her strategy was to tug the donut off of the string so that it fell to the ground, then eat it from there. #dowhatittakes

My favorite of the challenges was the frozen T-shirt challenge - pictured below. The girls had to take a folded frozen T-shirt and get it onto their warm bodies as quickly as possible. 

It was cold hard work. 

But, yes, the forerunner - right there in the pink shirt - did take the medal on this one. 

But, hey, they're really all winners, right? 

Next was the messy but delicious and non-nutritious find-the-gummy-bears-with-your-mouth-through-the-whipped-cream challenge. 

I can't remember who won that one --- I think there was at least a 4-way tie.

And just in case you're feeling sorry for the poor sugar-deprived party goers, here is the grand finale -- the Candyland cake created by the birthday girl's sister and her best friend.

I know, it's pretty impressive! (and sugarfree! #liar)

Happy belated 7th birthday, littlest! I love you.


Loves a good party in Central PA said...

Love this...Happy Birthday, big 7 year old!
I have done the donut challenge but never the clever frozen t-shirt challenge...just might have to try that one for a certain 16 yr old's birthday next month :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Now *that* is a fun party.

Frozen t-shirt challenge! I love it!

Your Littlest is so gorgeous, and so is Desiree's -- what a crew!

I can almost hear them screeching. Such a fun, joyful, adorable, innocent, spectacular age to be.

Happy Birthday, Little Ms. C!