Thursday, August 11, 2016

Durango love

So, Aline and family were just in town. You'd think I'd have some photos of that fun run of days, but I just checked, and nope. I don't even have one. I may be able to get some from people I know for next time, but as of now....nothing to show you. 

Sooooo, let's take it back to our July trip to New Mexico and Colorado. You know, then one where I showed up a the car rental counter with an expired license and they wouldn't rent me a car? A four-ish hour drive from our main destination? Yes! That trip.

This beer, in addition to being pretty, tasted especially good after a day of hunting down transportation options to Durango.

Gotta love Santa Fe

And its ice cream

Ooh, and its sage with juniper too. Staged nicely with our overnight place of residence's key holder. It was not the Ritz, but not bad either.

Finally, many hundreds of dollars later - View from my bed in our sweet VBRO in Durango.

View from our hike the next morning. You walk out my brother's door and up the mountain for about 25 minutes, and here you are. So ggorgeous.


More frousins.

Back to these almost inseparable frousins.

Oldest frousin with youngest frousin. There will be no drowning when with frousins.


Just one frousin missing. (Corey's, does that not seem like an impossibly small family to you?)

View from dinner table one night. This baby has been running for over 100 years!

We had planned to go to a cowboy chuckwagon deal one night, we thought it would be fun for the kids. Then we got real and canceled it. Sorry kids. But look, are these not horses?
Animas river

Animas river with rafters. It's right calm right in the photo above, but it's not calm everywhere....

Mom? Mom? Where'd you go? (See her wee little foot there, sticking out?)
I'll leave you on that dramatic note, part way through our stay.....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

oh my gosh what happened to Pat?! Can't wait to hear that story. Great photos, everyone got so big! glad the expiry didn't ruin your fun.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Pat! Come back!! How dramatique!!

These photos are gorgeous. These kids are gorgeous. And yes, so stinkin' BIG.

Love so much! I wanna go. (But I want to stay *on* the raft.)


Pat said...

Just saw this great post...where have I been?