Monday, August 22, 2016

Speaking of Inspiration . . .

I've been inspired by so many peeps these last few weeks, and not just Jacquie and Mistah in the OB gift shop . . .

Swimmers and runners and gymnasts and pole vaulters and man I love those hammer throwers and volleyball players and divers and high jumpers and long jumpers and triple jumpers and horse jumpers and swimmers and vaulters and balance beamers -- I mean, can you even imagine? -- and hurdlers and sprinters and long distance swimmers and runners and badminton badasses and archers and soccer players for the love of mercy, and, UConn hoops players and rowers and well, swimmers and runners and gymnasts. The most inspiring athletes and stories in the world.

Until yesterday.

Because nobody -- nobody -- is more inspiring than my sister Julie who spent the entirety of yesterday swimming and biking and running.

And nobody is more exhausted than I and my sisters and my mom and Julie's kids and friends are, after all that on-line tracking all day. Whew! That was hard work! As were on-site Sherpa-and-cheering duties for Julie's JK and his Dad.

Okay okay, maybe Julie is more exhausted than we are today . . .

After all, she swam 2.4 miles in just under an hour and a quarter: 1:14:30.

And then she biked 112 miles in under 7 hours. 6:43:15. On her bicycle.

(Sorry for the quality -- it's a still from a video JK sent which was absolutely adorable. Julie. On her bike. For seven hours. And still adorable.)

And then? Well, and then Julie ran a marathon. 26.2 miles in just under 5 hours. 4:59:06.

I mean, can you even?

And after all that, 13 hours and 17 minutes later, the finish line approached:

The field began as 1632, but it looks like 1346 Ironpeeps finished. Including Julie, at 13:17:16.

She was the 110th female finisher. Sixth in her age group. And 507th overall. Out of 1346 brave souls.

Courageous. Intrepid. Strong. Fit. Brave. Determined.



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Joan said...

Bravo, Julie!! Yes, VERY inspiring, indeed! My own nephew, Scott Cirillo, did the Iron Man in Lake Placid just a couple of weeks ago. Pretty awesome, I'd say!
So Ellie - when are YOU going to do it?
xoxo JOAN