Friday, August 26, 2016

relentlessly merving

I'm not going to stop until I finish with my stories, even though we're coming up on the one month anniversary of their occasion. 

To refresh your memory, first came Uncle Mervie's Big Time, which meandered into Chapter Two aka Bon-ay, where we left our tragic heroes in the open back of a pick up truck.

Oh, Milford
Aaaaan it turns out that the above was the one and only photo taken in fair town of Milford! Whoopsie. We had a really fun time, though. Mark picked us up from the train and we headed back to his great house for some snacks and bevs in his gorgeous back yard with our gorgeous MB, then we embarked on the pick up adventure down to the local beach for some fun in the sun before hitting a yum downtown stop for some chow, and then we had to race to the train for a pizza date with mom and Ann in Soutport.

Southport is the lovely epitome of Connecticut. On Sunday morning I took a walk (all the other days I preferred to just sit) down to the water to stretch my legs. It's so pretty down there!

I was glad to stretch my legs a bit that morning, and warm up my gut stretching stamina in preparation for the night's epic feast

We managed to stay hydrated and ward off scurvy
I love making lebanese food, especially at mom's house with it's treasure trove of well used recipes

And the always entertaining family photos from the 70s

We had but ONE participant in this year's cannonball contest, which is really unforgiveable. At least At least I managed to capture a great action shot to showcase my boy's mad skillz

I love night swimming. I mean, I love watching other people swim at night.

We turned in fairly early that night, and in the morning I was treated to the satisfying sight of my children on adjoining air mattresses with my mom in the background on the patio with her coffee and papes.

That day was Ann's birthday, which we celebrated with lunch at the club

paying homage to Jane's record
lovely luncheon
And then, they came...

they saw...
they conquered...
this one has epic zoom and crop potential
birthday girl!
Our final stop in Connecticut was to the one, the only

Stew Leondard's

Ah, the singing beverage cartons. Of course. 

Make a wish*, dollies.
*I wish I had a soup dumpling

To be continued, one more time....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oooh, love the synchronized diving! They shoulda been in the Olympics! The Chinese divers have got nuthin' on them.

Nice artsy nighttime pool photography, yo. Your kids were so cute that night -- that pool made them regress 10 years and they were like little kiddos, playing together. I loved it.

We miss you 'round these parts. It's still glorious summer but are lonely sad and dejected without the likes of you here with us.

I'm going to find solace at the beach, where the sounds and smell of the sea cleanses my soul.

Or something.

Love you! Love the good Uncle Merv.

MB said...

Awesome! Love revisiting your visit, Jacq! Miss you all!! xo

Beth said...

C'mon, one participant in the cannonball contest?! That is a bit sad. But contrats - Jacquie's boy!!

Happy belated to Ann! And relentlessly merving is so fun. )