Monday, August 1, 2016

The Update

I know, I know. You need an update. A summertime update. Of all the things.

I am here to provide just that.

OB Update:

The answer is Yes . . .

. . . OB is still jammin'.

Big Cacti Update:

Big Cacti is still Big.

Tomato Update:

This year's crop?

Out of its mind.

Grape Leave Update:

Bring on the wadda.

And the Field, you ask?

Oh, the Field.

Mistah has begun an art-slash-zen-slash-landscape-project that'll knock your socks off . . .

. . . it's crackerjack.

And I helped.

We took down another piece of fence yesterday and freed the maple tree from the chain-link that grew around and through it . . .

. . . . "Ahhhhh," she thanked us. Skin -- er, bark -- breakdown.

It just gets better and better around here . . .

I believe our friend Rosie Sharon would agree.


Beth said...

I love this summery update. It's all so lovely. I can almost feel the warm air....

I so want to check out the field in person. It's looking magnificent, so art-slash-zen-slash-landscape-y.

And big cacti? You may want to change his name to big harry cacti. wow, that boy looks like he's got his winter coat on.


mom said...

Love the updates Ellie, the place looks great, and I'm so jealous of your gorgeous tomatoes, a bumper crop!
love, mom