Friday, August 5, 2016

bears and stairs and surprises

I know I promised y'all part two of Uncle Mervie's Big Trip, and I fully intend to make good on that promise in a timely manner. However, this last week of my little summer break has been a continuation of the beloved whirlwind days of summer. 18 hours after arriving home from the east coast, I was dancing with these bears:

and John Mayer, of all people, who was weirdly awesome. Who knew? Bobby knew, that's who. 

nice headband, John.
And then just a few days later I was dancing up and down these stairs:

My Happy Place: San Elijo
Where I spent five glorious nights sleeping here

And I thought I'd be home snug as a bug in my home rug last night and could thus bore regale you with tales from New London, but a funny little opportunity came up that I don't yet know exactly how to describe, so for now I'll just share that I slept here:

(setting my alarm for midnight to insert a photo of where I slept. If this text is still here at publishing time, it means that I forgot/slept through it/got kidnapped. I left contact info at my house)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

So, wait. Does this mean you *are* kidnapped, or are *not* kidnapped?

I read this blog on my phone this morning and have to say, I was pretty confused. But now that I know the story in its entirety, I am so not confused, and so pleased and impressed.

And I'm most impressed with your photo design -- nice job duplicating the pose in oh, so different a venue!

Well done, sistah. Tell them your sisters and friends are really good at eating and drinking and sleeping too.


Beth said...

I am so confused too. Where is that duplicated (aka, fake?) photo from? And where is it supposed to be from?

And, wow, I don't even remember those particular dancing bears. Good shot, J. Mayer is weirdly awesome. I think perhaps even better than that! Fun show.

Thanks for sharing your stairs-y home with my eldest. She had a blast.