Monday, June 2, 2008

The 'Hood

A couple of blocks from our house is the Thames River.

It was a spectacular day yesterday, and the water was downright sparkling.

That’s Fort Trumbull in the background, and the Gold Star Bridge behind that.

From New London you can take a ferry to Long Island.

And if you’re Mistah Schleckah, you can photograph it on along every step of its merry journey.

(That’s Ledge Light, the lighthouse at the confluence of the Thames River and the Long Island Sound).

Now THAT is a self-respecting lighthouse.

There goes the ferry past not-our-house.

And by some peeps reading the Sunday paps.

Thar she blows. There she goes. Bon Voyage! Enjoy Orient Point!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch on the deck….

Yesterday was Tag Sale Heaven in The ‘Hood.

And we bought….

… a piece of furniture! We can’t decide if it’s a small couch or a big chair. But for $20, who really cares?

It’s comfy, just ask our friend Dorothy:

(Dorothy’s Jim got cropped right out. Sorry Jim-Jim).

We also bought a front porch rocker for $2.

What, no arm, you ask?

Have you never heard of


Beth said...

I love the new chofa!

Jacquie said...

It's beautiful, Ellie! Nice haul on the chofa...or is it a chouch? Not so sure about that sad little rocker, lol. Where does the ferry take you? That would be a fun outing if we make it back east this summer. Must go buy lottery tickets...

Jacquie said...

HA! I swear I didn't read Beth's comment before I wrote mine! Great minds indeed.

Musings from Myopia, AKA John said...

Nice stuff, Ellie! Enjoy your new home! Thanks for the supportive words. Maybe I'm just tired. Nothing a trip cross-country in a nicely-refurbished Westy couldn't cure, I'm sure.

Ellie said...

You two are SO on the same wavelength. And I much prefer "chofa" to "chouch" which is well nigh impossible for me to say.

That particular ferry goes to Orient Point (skimmer) in Long Island. Other ferries from New London go to Blog-I-mean-Block Island in Rhode Island, and Fishers Island in New York.

Good to have you back, Mr. AKA!

Randy said...

"Sad little rocker" indeed! We sold that rocker to Bill and Ellie and we take offense. That rocker had been in our family for all of 3 weeks prior to the yard sale at which they acquired it. Today we delivered the missing arm to their new house - how's that for service?. That rocker looks awesome on their front porch! And all for ony 2 bucks!
Randy and Carolyn

Ellie said...

Thanks for visiting, Randy -- both the blog and your old chair on our front porch. The reconnected arms looks fab.....