Friday, June 6, 2008

Open wide

They are so smooth and clean right now. So smooth. I don’t even want to eat anything today (although I am starving and did just call in a lunch order).This après teeth cleaning feeling may not be “priceless” but it is worth every penny of the $89 fee.

I look forward to my bi-annual dentist office visits. I really do. I know a lot of people don’t, but I do. I’m not sure why dentists get such a bad rap. I guess it’s the possibility of pain, because most people’s gut reaction is fear.

But I’m not afraid, and I have an added reason to be. You see, my dentist is Jim Jones. Can you believe that??

But of course it’s not this Jim Jones:

It’s the Ocean Beach Jim Jones: James W. Jones, III, DDS.

I have to admit I was a bit leery the first time I went to his office. Just what is in that Dixie spit cup anyway?

But it was empty. I had to fill it with clear, clean water myself.

There was no grape Kool-aid to be found.

But there was the typical photo session.

I'll admit that I don’t love the chalky cardboard insert being shoved into one side of my mouth then the other, but I do enjoy the solid weight of the x-ray protection apron, and I love the x-ray itself.

Don't teeth look so badass and skinny? So primal?

So no poison, cool photos, and clean teeth, what’s not to like? You don’t even have to clean them yourself. I mean, really, having someone else clean and floss your teeth? What is more self-indulgent than that?

I would get it done bi-monthly if I were a movie star.


Jacquie said...

Good for you, Ms. Badass Skinnyteeth! I have not been to the dentist in ages, I really need to take inspiration from your dental love fest and get myself in the chair.

I love that you order lunch at 9am.

Beth said...

Oh, you're really missing out, Jacquie. I highly recommend Dr. Jim Jones..... Let's see here, I have the new free toothbrush (ANOTHER cool thing that I forgot to mention!) here in my purse somewhere....Dr. Jim Jones 224-2210.Did I mention he's kind-of cute and the office is just one block from the ocean?

Ellie said...

I love it! Oh, wait. Do *all* my comments to both your blogs (youse' twos' blogs?) start with "I love it!"?

We recently hired a dentist after 7 years without a dentist (shame, shame). Her name is something very similiar to Dr. Bourbon, which is -- natch -- what we call her, and she is female and Filipino, which is the exact opposite to any dentist or orthodontist I've ever had in my life, and therefore, I do not fear her. PLUS she constantly says, under her paper mask, in her accent, "bear with me".

I love Dr. Bourbon. And Dr. Jim Jones.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm proud of you!! You are either very brave, or extremely demented. Either way, I salute you!

Rita.the.bookworm said...

I go every six months, but I do not love it. I don't even enjoy it. I get a plaque buildup behind my front lower teeth and they use some "ultrasound" thing that sounds a little too much like a drill, and it can hurt. A lot. So, I carry a tube of Baby Orajel in my purse to smear on my gums when I leave, because sometimes it hurts A LOT.

And that shattered plaque with sprayed water grit that you can never quite get out with the sucker thing, or by swishing and spitting, always gives me a headache later in the day. So, I go every six months like I'm supposed to, but I know that I'll have mouth and head pain the rest of the day, so I need to keep the evening open to flop out in the livingroom and whine.

Jacquie--Mike went for 9 years without having a dental cleaning. I nagged him and nagged him and he finally went and it was no big deal. There were no cavities, no need to burrow in roots or yank out teeth. He's gone every six months ever since. So, I think you should just suck it up and go. It's setting a good example for your kids if nothing else.

Rita.the.bookworm said...
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