Friday, June 20, 2008

I've Got Sunshine

There are a few things you might like to know about my girl.

My girl reads like this:

And my girl twists like this:

And my girl has a very odd way of cleaning and organizing. She categorizes things in unexpected ways. In her wallet, each denomination of money is stored in its own seperate place, including the coins.

One day my girl cleaned up in her room, and I wish I had a before photo but trust me when I tell you that every surface of this nightstand was a jumbled mess of treasure before she started:

And this is her treasure relocation program:

She can't be bothered with details like where she'll sleep when things can be lined up this nicely! I don't know where she gets that.

I bought a shoe rack at Ikea a long time ago because I had to have it. It was exactly what I needed to line up organize all of my shoes! It has remained in its Ikea box for the better part of a year now, and I recently shoved it next to the bookcase in my girl's room.

Soon thereafter, my girl decided to start a sticker collection, and was so tickled to have the perfect, flat-so-it-fits-in-your-car receptacle:

OCD much, sweetie?

Yes, those are complimentary return address labels from the Humane Society.

My girl says that she does not like princesses. When asked what she does like, she said: "Barbies. And Jesus." She doesn't even play with Barbies! I can't say for certain whether or not she plays with Jesus.

My girl likes Hannah Montana. She thinks her big hit is called: "The Basketball Worlds". She has a Hannah Montana poster in her room, and just tonight she taped a paper onto the poster that says "I love you." She said: "I love her singing. And I love her as a friend. But she doesn't know me."

My girl gets busy with projects as soon as she's done with her morning meal, which she calls "breh-fixed".

This is what she was doing when I pulled out of the driveway on her first day of summer vacation:

Yes, that is a skateboard ramp she is using as a desk to tackle unfinished pages in her 1st grade math book.

My girl is a hard worker, but she also plays hard.

Even at ballet:

My girl.

Ach, my girl.

I've had her in my heart since the first flutter, and it's been such a happy adventure to grow up with my girl. Her disposition and her actions teach me about tolerance, and generosity, and sheer unadulterated joy. She has been a wonder to behold from the first moment we held her, seven years ago today.

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl!

I love you


Anonymous said...

Ach. I love that child. Happy BDay, Little Ms. Boogsie. Have a great day!

(p.s. Jacquie: LOVE the 12:01 a.m. scheduled post time!)

Rita said...

SEVEN YEARS AGO??? Holy Crap, has it been that long?

Happy Birthday Clara, what a wonderful little tribute to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, Jacquie, my eyes are welling up.

I love so many things about your girl, but this morning what I so adored is that when I said "Happy birthday" to her on the phone, she said "Happy birthday" right back. Such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Really? That is so stinkin' cute. We didn't get her on the phone. So we left what is usually our crack, right-on, but today, not-so-much version of Happy Birthday.

Hope y'all are having a great day.