Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Recycled Edition

Being the green, environmental bloggers that we are, today we're recycling an old Weekend 3-way, from August.

Answer the following using the first letter of your name your man's name, then use all the words in a paragraph.

Since Jacquie and I both have Bills, the first letter of any of his nicknames is acceptable.

Photos encouraged. Natch.

4 Letter Word: Sash
Vehicle: Subaru
Movie: Star Wars
City: Sacramento
Boy Name: Stan
Girl Name: Shirl
Occupation: Satellite Repairman
Something you wear: Specs
Food: Spaghetti
Something found in the bathroom: Saline
Reason for being late: Stubbed toe
Something you shout: Shit!

Shirl was trying to watch Star Wars, but something was wrong with her tv. She called Stan the Satellite Repairman, all the way out in Sacramento, who got in his Subaru and drove out to Shirl's. Shirl had a big crush on Stan, and wanted to take off her specs and put in her contacts, but she was out of saline. She figured she could get by without them, and went down to the kitchen to make a batch of spaghetti for her man, along with salad and garlic bread. Not being able to see, however, she stubbed her toe on the sash of the doorway and toppled down the stairs, yelling all the way down, "Shhhhhiiiiiitttttt!"

4 Letter Word: Time
Vehicle: Thunderbird
Movie: Titantic
City: Tijuana
Boy Name: Tito
Girl Name: Tanya
Occupation: Truck driver
Something you wear: Tuxedo
Food: Tacos
Something found in the bathroom: Towel
Reason for being late: Tornado
Something you shout: Taxi!

Tanya was never on time, it drove Tito crazy. She promised that this time, this day of their wedding, she would not be late. She would not. She pictured their wedding day like the bow scene in the movie Titantic. It would be perfect. Unfortunately, she was a truck driver and was headed right into a Tornado! It struck the truck. It flipped it over. But Tanya would not be deterred, she grabbed an old towel and wrapped it around her bleeding head. She staggered out to the highway and shouted "Taxi! Taxi!," but there were none to be found. A Thunderbird finally pulled over and agreed to take her to her to see Tito in his tuxedo in Tijuana. He happily agreed to be paid in tacos.


forgive me for being a day late and a dollar short, the blog goblins ate my story yesterday

4 Letter Word: Boob
Vehicle: Bug
Movie: Brian’s Song
City: Boston
Boy Name: Borris
Girl Name: Buela
Occupation: Bartender
Something you wear: Belt
Food: Borscht
Something found in the bathroom: Bathrobe
Reason for being late: Blogging
Something you shout: Bastard!

Buela was beside herself. She was somewhat surprised to find that she was still in her bathrobe, after having driven her bug to Boston to see her boyfriend Borris. He was a bartender, and was accustomed to having beautiful babes cry on his shoulder, but his patience for Buela was wearing thin. She sensed that he was not impressed by her woe about how blogging had caused her to be late for work one too many times, so she attributed her swollen eyes and puffy face to having just watched Brian’s Song. The bathrobe was harder to explain. As she finished up her restorative Borscht, the belt of her robe fell off , exposing her left boob. That was the last straw for Borris, he sent her packing. As she shuffled to the door on her way out of his life, she turned and shouted her goodbye: “BASTARD!”


beth said...

Ladies: very clever. I am a "Bill" person, too.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You two are both crack-ups.