Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spectacular, Spectacular

Jacquie found herself a secret beach this past weekend, which is pure fabulousness. What an adventuresome family those crazy kids are.

Bill and I found ourselves a beach last weekend, too, and although it is not secret, it may as well have been. We went to Ocean Beach in New London, which all summer looked like this: .

But on Saturday, looked like this:
There was Nobody. There.

But did that – or did the mid-October date – stop Mistah Schleckah from diving right into that beautiful water? No. No, it did not.

Okay, I know we're not talking about New Year's Day here, but I think it is pretty studly to swim on October 10. I swam the weekend before – October 4 – but I did not make it into double digits.

Mistah had the Long Island Sound to his own bad self.

October 10 is not just the date of Mistah's most recent latest swim, either. (And Bill will surely do a November swim; he did last year.)

October 10 is also our wedding anniversary.

That's right: 17 years of bliss. I know! And just look at Bill. How blissful can one Schleckah be?

Very, very blissful.

Exuberant, even.

And . . . back in for a second dip. Right before the second dip is the time Mistah usually says to me, “You really ought to come in; it's awesome.”

He is really, really into swimming this time of year. I quote:
“It’s not like a polar bear swim; it’s really great. Once you get in it’s warm. And the water’s crystal clear, not like summer when you have to fight seaweed and jelly fish.”
“There are so many people in this world who go skiing and skateboarding and kayaking and nobody even bothers to take a dip in October.”
He is an avid late-season swimmer, this one. .
I was content to sit on the beach, bask in the October sun, drink wine, take photos, watch clouds, and reflect on the general, all-around bliss.

Spectacular? Oh, it was Spectacular.


XUP said...

Mistah. Celebrating 17 years of wedded bliss with extreme shrinkage.

Nancy said...

LMAO @ XUP ... I was thinking that same thing.

Happy Anniversary

I'm with you, on the sand, wine and camera =)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That water looks so much prettier than it did when you dragged me in to see those freaky fishies. I remember it as brown and itchy. That is one nutty Shelekah you've got there. He's always freezing cold and layered up (much like MY Bill), yet there he goes hoisting his arse into the frigid sea. A study in contradiction.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

17 years! Of bliss. Congrats to you two.

What a perfectly wacky couple you guys are, and I mean that in the BEST possible way.

Wish I could have been there to laugh at Mistah myself, although that would, of course, have ruined the romance of it all.

Love you guys,


Lisa S said...

My nearly debilitating envy of you coastal people with your ocean views made me late with my comment:

Happy 17 years Bill and Ellie!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Thanks, all y'all.

Lisa, can you believe this beach is right in New London, free for anyone to go to, and there is no one there? Whack.


Captain Dumbass said...


Lola said...

That is a pretty studly thing to do! I'm more of a heated pool gal, but I love to go walk the beach this time of year. It's so much nicer when there's no people ;)

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!!