Thursday, October 8, 2009


Finally, a couple days ago, I collected payment for my decisive victory in The Race last month.

Owen showed up with a bag of groceries on Monday night and got right to work.

First, the potatoes. He sliced 'em and diced 'em and spiced 'em and put them in the Vulcan for some slow roasting.

Next, the steaks.
Owen got New York strips for Bill and for himself. Me? A Porterhouse. A Victory Porterhouse. For the Victor. Prepped with some olive oil, some garlic, some other stuff . . .

. . . and lots of freshy peppah.


There really is nothing quite as wonderful as hanging out in one's own kitchen, drinking wine, watching someone else grind freshy peppah on one's dinner.
I'm really going to have to start making more bets.

One steak . . .

Two steak . . .

Three steak, four . . . It's like a really good Dr. Seuss book.

The entire neighborhood was salivating at the aroma emanating from our place.

With apologies to my lovely vegetarian and vegan friends, there is nothing in this world quite like the smell of meat cooking on a grill. Brings out the caveman in me.
Okay, back inside, back to the Vulcan. Potatoes out.

Green beans done.

Owen plated us up . . .
. . . and presented one awesome-looking Victory dinner.
See? Awesome.

Even though Bill did not participate in The Race, he got a steak in his capacity as official photographer. Poor guy didn't even make it into one photo. And Owen doesn't seem to be smiling in one photo. Hmmmm. How odd . . .
It was a delicious meal . . .

. . . cooked to perfection.
And after an excellent dinner like that there is only one thing to do:

Kick Owen's ass in another competition.

I only wish we'd bet another dinner.


salivating as I sit in Central PA said...

oh the sweet smell and taste of VICTORY!
Next time you need to make him sit shirtless next to you in your bikini top...we all enjoyed the tan competition that you won as well :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I think this would look much more appetizing if it was closer to lunchtime. OR if I hadn't shared an embarrassingly huge cut of prime rib with my husband last night. OR if there were fewer photos of the moo-cow in its raw state, lol.

Congrats on yet another victory. Poor Owen.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, Owen! A double thumbs up. Nice work. Now all you have to do is work on that speed, and tan, oh, AND that trivia....


XUP said...

I wrote all the Gone With the Wind and Graduate questions for the A&E section of the original Trivial Pursuit game. That's my claim to fame and I just thought I'd share

Captain Dumbass said...

That was a lot of peppah.

Lola said...

NICE!!! Ask Owen if he wants to race me next. I could use a fantastic home-cooked meal prepared by anyone other than me. Does he do dishes, too?

Kathi D said...

Mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm.

Guests cooked breakfast for me in my kitchen once--it really is heaven to relax in your own house while someone else cooks for you.

wishfulbohemian said...

Is it possible to smell those steaks through the internet? Because I think I am, and it's goooood.