Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Treats not Tricks

I got this email from my friend Christine a couple of weeks ago:

Yesterday at Target, I happened to walk by the Halloween display and ended up buying a ton of candy for Halloween. Probably way too much. But for some reason I love to buy candy and it was on sale. Pixie stix, Starbursts, Dots, Twizzlers, Skittles, Mike and Ike's, Blow Pop's, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids (the last couple are for my kids, I would never buy these on my own) just to name a few. Then I realized that I also love chocolate and the Snickers and Reeces were not on sale. Phew, then I found that the larger bags of Reeces were on sale along with Hershey bars so I bought those. But no Snickers. I didn't want to buy non-sale Snickers (even though they are my very favorites) so I decided that I will have to wait until those are on sale before I buy them. So I keep sneaking little bits of candy from my stock and I keep thinking about all that candy at my house and I thought maybe a good idea for one of your weekend chats would be about what your favorite Halloween candy is.

I think this is a splendid idea. And so nice of Christine to think of us.

So. Your favorite Halloween candy. Spill.

First of all, I got this email from Christine on October 9. Which means she bought her Halloween candy on October 8th. That's 3 weeks before Halloween. That's dedication.

I don't crave candy the way I did as a kid; I'm much more of a savory girl these days: give me pretzels and sunflower seed kernels and keep your Milky Ways, whydontcha? That said, Halloween reminds me of being a kid, and makes me think about all those candy bars I never had any other time. So. Here they are: Baby Ruths. Yum. Butter Fingers. Yum. And, my personal favorite: 100 Thousand Dollar Bars. Which they're now calling, pffffftttttttt, 100 Grand Bars. Puh-lease.


Impressive. I could never buy Halloween candy that early. In fact, I can't buy it until approximately 4:30 pm on October 31, and even then I have to buy the kinds that I hate so I won't eat it all. That would include Christine's beloved Reeces (gag), and all other peanut butter candy. Barf. I'm not partial to nuts in my candy, unless it's a peanut m&m. Peanut m&m's might be the world's most perfect food. It definitely fits into my faves category. My other preferred chocolate treats would have to include twix and kit kats. Sometimes I really love a milky way, or a hunk of pure unadulterated hershey's chocolate. I do not discriminate against fruit candies, but you can keep the pixie stick and lollipop crap. I wouldn't kick a skittle out of my bed, nor a row of starburst. Yum.

So, I do what I can to limit the amount of good candy that is allowed into my household, but it's no use. I'm married to a man who rivals our children in candy consumption. In fact, just last night he tossed me a mini twix that he had pocketed from the secretary at work. If that's not romance, tell me what is?

I live with a candy maniac. My daughter loves candy, cannot get enough candy, everything is always about the candy. She hides in her closet to eat candy at times, and hordes her gum in her dresser drawer. I worry about these behaviors, but then remember how much I myself loved candy as a child.

I saved all my money for candy and soda and gum when I was in elementary school. And although I’m not AS wild about candy as I was then, I still do like it. I mean, really, who doesn’t??

I like real candy though, none of that pseudo candy like red vines or gummy bears or Skittles or the like. I like candy with substance, candy with chocolate, and nuts, and perhaps caramel and coconut.

Give me Godiva and Ghirardelli, and the stuff straight from Switzerland. Umm, Lindt. But I also love your more conventional Reece’s and Snickers and Almond Joy. Oh, and peanut M&Ms. I have to agree with Jacquie there.

But do I like candy corn?

Sort of. I WANT to like it, it’s so traditional, and festive, and well shaped, but it’s just not that tasty, and I’m always left wondering, how many hands have already touched it??


Kathi D said...

Ooooooh I do like candy! Favorite? Plain M&Ms and Butterfingers.

Mom C said...

You three really are into candy - me, just a few Milky Ways and a handful of candy corn and I'm on my way..... love mom

Springer Kneeblood said...

As a kid, I used to love Butterfingers and Junior Mints and SugarBabies. I think all that sugar changed my tastebuds for life; I dislike most sweet stuff now...preferring hot sauce and chips.

Debbie said...

Reeces all the way! And I can't stand candy corn.

Hsin-Yi said...

Even though Candy Corn's kinda gross, I love it. It just reminds me of Halloween's as a kid. I like to eat 1 color at a time. Nowadays, I can't eat more than 2-3 pieces though.

I just hid my Halloween stash and I'm not sure if I'm hiding it from my husband, my father or all those poker players who raid my house every week.

Sophie said...

Hey, how about cup noodles?
I found many different flavors here