Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend 3 way: read all about it

Since posting on Wednesday about a crazy newspaper article I happened to see, I've been thinking a lot about newspapers in general. And although they are really not my thing, I think Ellie is a faithful newspaper reader, and that Jacquie will delve into one if given the chance. So now I'm left wondering what section of the paper, Sunday or otherwise, is your very favorite?? You know, the section you grab first. (Although, as I write this I realize that these might not be the same two sections....)

Well, that depends. Are we late for a birthday party? The funnies. Are we shopping? The glossies. Are we attending a sporting event? Hand the sports section to Bill.

But if you are asking about that most rare, elusive beast…. The idle Sunday…imagining that I have nowhere to be and no one to please and nothing to do but drink coffee and wait for my eggs to arrive… I’d say that the section I grab first is the local, but currents is a close second. I get most of my world news online, so the front pages of our U-T are generally not offering anything that I can’t access elsewhere, and better written at that. But I eat up the local pages, the tidbits about who did what and when, what’s going to happen later, a general telling where the haps are at. And the currents has movie listings (why don’t I ever go to the movies anymore?) the gossip and smut, the columns and reviews and advice. I appreciate the entertainment value that my printed newspaper offers, as opposed to the hard biting news bits I grab from the cybersphere.

Sports, definitely. And when I read about who beat whom the night before, I usually say, “oh yeah, I remember seeing that on line last night.......”

Today, for instance? I knew that mighty New London kicked the stuffing out of not-so-mighty-after-all Fitch last night (no thanks to us, I was told), 21-0, but I love the visceral thrill of seeing it splashed all over the Day. In baseball, the Phillies and Dodgers are
1-1; that's good. The Yankees won; that's bad.

But today we had a specific and special reason to race out to get the paper and check the Region section first: Mistah was at the Norwich library book sale yesterday (and Groton's too, but that's not important right now) and got his photo taken by a Day photographer, while he was looking at an alligator book. He was sure the photo would be prominently featured today: he is, after all from New London. But no. Instead, the photo is of these bozos:

The Day photo

Har-umph. Bill says, and I quote, “It's going to take a long time to get over this one.”

Although I abhor newsprint, I sometimes find myself with a fat Sunday paper in front of me nonetheless. When this occasion arises, I work hard to ignore my heebie jeebies and dive in. My first stop is the books section. I love to check which titles are on the various best seller lists, and hopefully read a good book review or two. Although I have to admit that I'm always amazed at how many books are reviewed that I have absolutely no interest in reading. Perhaps I should expand my horizons?

I also like to take a quick look at the Sunday travel section. If they happen to be featuring a destination you're interested in, it can be pure joy...


martyjoco said...

"Region," hands down. Police log, obituaries, supremely stupid local politics, classifieds, legal notices. Stories about downtown. Stories about my major multi-national employer and their latest jumbo merger thingy. No wonder I'm always late to work.

Mom C. said...

Morning coffee with the New York Times? priceless.... mom

XUP said...

I LOVE newspapers with a passion that borders on the obscene.I like all the sections except sports, wheels and the stock market reports. Once a week I read pretty much everything else in the fattest paper. It takes all afternoon. Ah, bliss.