Friday, February 5, 2010

c is for crazy

I recently initiated a weekend 3-way about girl scout cookies. At that time, my girl and I were doe-eyed and eager to embark upon our first ever cookie selling experience. We attended the Cookie Kick Off! at the zoo, which looked like fun but I really wouldn’t know because I was busily exploring Elephant Odyssey with my boy, about as far from the masses of scouts as I could get and still actually be in the zoo. My girl was duly fired up though, and she had practiced her sales pitch and tried to memorize the names and descriptions of the myriad varieties of cookies she would be peddling. After the kick off, all that was left to do was count down the days until the cookies arrived.

On the big day, my girl busied herself making a cookie mobile, as had been suggested by the girl scouts. As you all surely know by now, this year the cookies are available to hand over at the time of order, so the girls were wise to set up a system to roll their goods around the ‘hood. My girl’s cookie mobile was vastly superior to all others, because our vessel was not only decorated with girl-made signage, it was hand crafted by none other than my handy-dad.

I'm not saying a word about the unfortunate tag-a-long costume on our poor neighbor with her inferior cookie mobile

We were scheduled to go and pick up our recommended 80 box order at 3:00 last Saturday. I got a text at 1:15 that read: “The cookies have landed!” We ran right out the door to the rendevouz point, and my girl set to work loading the car while I stood by and took photos.

I learned a few things about cookies on pick-up day, and looking back at that earlier post I feel compelled to make the following corrections:

We have neither lemonades nor thanks-a-lots, but we do have a lovely thing called the lemon chalet crème, which is a new fave. I would have to add dolce de leche to my list of yucks. Yuck. Speaking of my list of yucks, I see that I called one of them “Samoans”, which is funny because I honestly do not expect little pacific islanders to come jumping out of that purple box.

Finally, after I hit the gym on Sunday morning, made myself a breakfast burrito, showered, and had some coffee bright and early the next morning, we were set to embark.

Tell me, who or what could resist this child?

She was a wee bit apprehensive at the first few doors (look at the body language in those pink crocs)

But after a few good sales, she was all pro

This photo was taken by a neighbor who agreed with my assessment of the adorable factor.

The result? Those little bastards really do sell themselves! People were emerging from their doorways like zombies from their graves, dollar bills clutched in their hands, chanting their unique individual mantras:

"thiiiiiiiin miiiiiints"



We sold out in a heartbeat, and had orders yet to fill! I had to dig through the re-order papers that I had previously laughed at and dismissed. To date, my girl has sold just over 200 boxes, and I just got off the phone with my husband after instructing him to take that damned order form out of the staff lounge! Enough, already!

I just looked at that paperwork again. Cookie sales continue through March 15.



only sold 79 boxes in PA said...

oh, the idea of selling cookies in shorts weather seems almost surreal!!

We still have to do the re-orders for a month before we can have a booth ridiculously COLD weather! Everyone wants the mall spots that are indoors or Lowes, who unlike WalMart and Sam's Club, let you stand in the inner doorway so you don't have whiny, frozen, or dead little girl scout cookie peddlers!

Just keep all this in mind Jacquie as you scope out that job for me to help in the ransom :D (did I mention that I have a PA teaching certificate in grades K-6??)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

OH. My. God. Really? 200 boxes? Holy moly, she's good. And unbelievably cute, Jacquie. Ach, my heart.

And on we go, cookie-less.

Great post, Jacq.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am so impressed! 200?!?! And I bet that's not even including the box of barf that I'm buying:-)

March 15 does seem like a long time from now though, doesn't it?

No matter, you and your girl rock!


Mom c said...

Oh my goodness - who could resisit her?? Come here Brownie girl. I love you grammy

Anonymous said...

She is adorable...I would order a couple but it is not worth the postage.
No girlscouts in this neighberhood (no one under 55!)

NucMEd is Hot said...

i remember selling girl scout cookies and my mother hating every second of it...that's why my daughters are in sports! I know, bad mom...

Mom C said...

Dad loved seeing his little red wagon in action, not to mention his little Brownie..... mom

MB said...

I so wish my adorable niece could wheel her wares to NYC. She's so cute, Jacq! Now I'm craving Girl Scout cookies. I'll take any of them that have chocolate -- you can keep the lemons and creams and shortbreads (yawn). And Dad's wagon looks great!