Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mini me

My car has seen better days. Although I could, and likely will, drive it into the ground, a new car would be so nice, and new, and now. So I’ve begun to dream, and scheme.

And I know what I want.

I want this:

or this:

or one of these:

(so hard to choose!)

I check them out whenever I see one. I bend down and look right into those windows. I debate color choices as they whiz by on the freeway.

They’re so tiny, and quick, and cute, and easy to find parking for. Arriving late at yoga would no longer be a dilemma, I would spend way less at the gas pump, and my life soundtrack could become a running loop of Extreme Ways.

Ah, can’t you just picture it?

Sure, it might sometimes be a little intimidating on the freeway.

But, hell, what other car can do this?

I can completely feel it.

But.......... then I remember these minis:

They just will not fit.


snowing again in PA said...

Isn't the point of the mini Cooper to be driving without all the other "minis" in your life?!

Rod bought a diesal Jetta last year (41 mpg) to add to the Envoy we have that seats 7. Sally asked why we were getting such a small car and I said, "Because we're planning for a time when there are fewer passengers."
Of course, we have to live through 3 teenage drivers before that happens, but at least they will all have a stick car to learn on :)

Keep dreaming!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, look at all those minis! The children, not the cars. Well, the cars are pretty stinking cute too. One time I saw a convertible mini, bubble gum pink. Talk about adorable.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I LOVE those cars! I want one, too. That or a little beetle-bug. With just the two kids, we could technically fit, but it would never work with all of the accompanying crap we are forever hauling around. Although three kids take up a lot of space, you must resist the minivan!!


Anonymous said...

Those minis are pretty roomy inside. They would easily fit 3 little ones in the back. I maybe wouldn't take them out on the highway too much though. I don't think their accident survival rate is all that high

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Unfortunately, XUP, I don't think the children would fit once car seats are added into the equation. Plus, as Jacquie points out, where could we stow all the miscellaneous shit? Sigh

But I will resist the minivan.


Kathi D said...

Those darn kids! You'd have to get one for each of you.