Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Champagne of Beers

After a long day at the beach, in a fierce, biting wind . . .

. . . there is only one thing to do.

It's Miller Time, baby.

Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beers.

The other day I kept my sisters appraised, naturally, of my Miller intake -- we do like to keep eachother informed. Constant contact and all. But I got nothing but grief from them about my choice of swill beer:

Jacquie wrote: dude, WHAT is with the miller? That shit is vile.

Me: It's the beer of Windmill Village dude! High Life!

MB: True dat [about it being vile]! Although I'll bet it tastes yummy on a FLA road trip...

Me: If it's icy cold and has a lime, it does. Plus you can drink them all the day and never fall down.

Me: Plus? It's $7.89 a 12-pack.

Jacquie: swamp water is free. as is alligator pee.

Me: Muthah's Milk, baby. If you live in Windmill Village.

Julie chimed in: it really is awful stuff, Ellie. even worse than OML

Me: really don't think you should worry about it any more.

Worse than Old Milwaukee Light? C'mon Julie.

Swamp water? Puh-lease, Jacquie.

Finally Jane chimed in:

LOL so much. I love this conversation.

My first year at UVA I typed papers for this boy in my dorm in exchange for beer. The beer he brought me for slaving over my typewriter? Schlitz. Schlitz! Even a thirsty broke college girl saw that shit was inappropriate.

See? We can all agree. Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beers. And Better than Schlitz.


Pat w said...

my vote is for Pabst Extra Lite--you could drink it forever.

I did my best to keep it going but they stopped making it in the 90's...I must have been the only consumer at that point.

Imperatrix said...

*snort* My parents used to drink Schlitz. Ohmylord. In college, the crap brew was Milwaukee Beast (the manufacturers called it Milwaukee's Best, but we knew better).

surrounded by college beer drinkers said...

My husband drank MGD (miller genuine draft) when we first started dating..until he discovered micro-brews and then started brewing his own, so I just think of all other beer as "piss water" and since I have never acquired a taste for beer, I don't have to differentiate between said piss waters.
That said, I'm sure whatever you are drinking is better than Natty Bo, which was the affordable beer of choice if you grew up in Baltimore.
And your sister Jane?? I would work for food, clothes or money, but beer?!? too funny!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh I would work for beer, no question. But for Miller? I'd have to think about it.

I prefer a tasty microbrew, but c'com, if all that's available is Natty Bo or Old Milwalke or, yes, Ellie, Miller High Life, I'm in.

And I'm with Jane, I love this whole conversation.


Mom C said...

What's better than Bud Light?? mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

gag. As I said to Ellie, remind me to never visit the Windmill Village. Or if I do, remind me to bring my own beer.

Ellie, I hope you are warm and happy, and drinking margaritas like a normal person. Step away from the high life! It's beneath you!


Debbie said...

I like cheap wine. Hey, it takes all kinds, right?

Kathi D said...

I don't know nothin bout no beer. All I know is that Rick's Nana had a tiny bowl of Fritos and one Pabst Blue Ribbon every single night before dinner, and she lived to be nearly 100.

Anonymous said...

Up here in Candada we pretty much think all commercial American beer is crap...and funny. But we're awfully jealous of your tropics -- especially this time of year

ChrsitineE said...

One of my warmest college memories was collecting empties after some huge party, then going to the package store, returning the empties for $0.05 each, and purchasing a case of Schaeffer bar bottles and a pack of cigarettes for net price of about $2.50.

As far as Miller High Life goes, I agree it's the champagne of beers. I enjoy diversity in my beer drinking and also love the price!