Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend 3 way: take it away

Mmm. Take out. It's easy, it's fast, and there are no dishes to clean up afterward.

I'll admit that it's not the most environmentally conscious way to dine, but we all do it, right? At least occasionally?

Friday nights seem to scream for takeout. At least at my house. But what about you?

When do you order out and what's your poison? Greasy New York-style pizza delivered? Cliched Chinese takeout? (Who doesn't like those containers??) Sushi from your local sushi bar? Or do you prefer French?
Tell all.


I love take out pizza -- we usually get it from the Recovery Room (the pizza- and Italian-restaurant near the hospital; get it?) and eat it on our deck with My Girl Nancy and her family after a day at Watch Hill. With a giant salad. Yum.

I also love take out Indian. There's an Indian place right around the corner from the Tavern, and the peeps bring the Indian food in, and eat it at the Tavern tables. The smell will absolutely drive you stark raving mad, and you will drool into your beer, until you get some of your own.

But my favorite take out? Was last night. We were at No Name Pub, on Big Pine Key, and were talking to a young couple from Columbus, Ohio (hi Lisa!). They ordered a Mexican pizza (chili, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pepperoncini), each had one piece, and when they were asked if they wanted a box to take the rest home, said "no". I said, "Whatta you crazy? That'll be perfect in your Key West hotel room for late-night snacks tonight!" They said, "We don't eat leftovers." I said, "Whatta you crazy?" They said, "Do you guys want it?" I said, "You better believe it!"

It didn't make it out of the parking lot.
I love it, Ellie!! It actually looks a lot better in the photo than it sounded. Lettuce?
My favortite take out is Mexican. I don't really do it all that often, but it's so worth it when I do. I really, really love the queso-mush from Santana's. It's a big cheesy, mushroom mess that comes with chicken or beef. I do the chicken more often, but I gotta say, the steak is good too.
I'm also partial to the pinnapple fried rice that we get delivered from Ivory Thai. We order extra cashews, and I tend to cherry pick them all, or as many as I can get away with anyway.

I like take out, but I like eating out even more! Our most frequent take out meals are from Rubio's and the Greek restaurant up the street. We used to be religious disciples at the church of the taco shop, but our pilgrimages have become less frequent in recent years. When Ellie and Bill are in town, however, our carne asada intake increases exponentially!


XUP said...

We don't do take-out a lot, but there's a Lebanese place right across the street where we occasionally go for a fallafel. Yum!

Mom C said...

Bring on the Captain's peppers, mushrooms and onions pizza delivered on any Friday night and I'm soooo happy.... mom