Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mom-Fest

Sunday is Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day, Mothers!

But we've already had ourselves our own special Mom-Fest a couple of weeks ago, on Easter Sunday, hosted by our young friend The Dowd . . .

This is the scene we saw when we pulled up to The Dowd's house in the Westy.

You've got to agree that's a pretty great scene upon arrival.?

It was so great to have everyone together, but it was most especially great to have the Moms together, all feeling well and looking great and dressed like Easter eggs.

Mark Dowd? The man can grill a piece of meat. Or two. He's a griller extraordinaire. And he and MB are hosts exo* too.

*short for extraordinaire. I just invented it. I like it; I'm using it.

Mom and I had a lot to catch up on. We always do: there is a lot to talk about.

And Mumsie? Well, she was in good form that day, and we're all so grateful. We almost lost the Old Bag last year, afterall. It's great to have her around, but it's even better to have her around and feeling well, and she was that day.

Oh, this doggie was there that day too. A standard poodle like Steinbeck's Charley. This dog is slightly cuckoo.

These two are slightly cuckoo too, but don't tell Kelly I said that.

(Oh, hi Kel!)

What a lovely meal, what a lovely table, what a great group shot!*

*(It was a terrible group shot, which is why I'm featuring only this perfect detail.)

And Spring has fully sprung around these parts, and we had one of those unexpectedly lovely days that we got to spend outside -- the forecast was all "Rain, people. Rain."

We had no rain.

The Dowd and Mumsie have known eachother for something like 35 years. And they're still friends . . .

It was one of those days when the peeps got along great and the weather was lovely and the booze flowed and the food? Holy guacamole the food. The food was sublime.

But mostly it was about the Moms. The three Moms. Our heroes, our support, our fun, savvy, spirited, matriarchs who are, incidentally, the loveliest women around.

See you on Sunday, lovelies!


David said...

It's so good to see pictures of you! Your mom looks exactly the same!

Cherie Moriarty Fluegel

P.S. I tried to friend you...

Terry said...

Love the pictures. Everyone looks great. Mumsie looks awesome and Kelly looks really happy. Thanks for posting.

Mom C said...

I LOVE this Ellie, what a nice Mother's Day treat... love, mom

Pickles and Dimes said...

I wanna hang out with Mumsie - just saying.

MB said...

I love this, Ellie! Great pix -- I'm so glad to see them. I especially love the group shot at the table! Our Moms all look great -- can't wait to see everyone again on Sunday. xoxo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

MB is rocking the boots. Love.

Kelly does look really happy. But then you all do.

Looks like a lovely easter with moms o'plenty. Look forward to the pics from this coming Sunday :)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I want my mommy.