Wednesday, May 4, 2011

vail lake

We had ourselves an impromtu westy getaway this weekend! There is absolutely nothing bad about an impromtu westy getaway, despite the mugs in this first camp photo

camp crabby
Thank goodness we also had an a-hole anecdote antidote

never mind those scowling boys in the background. puberty=camp crankypants.
Let's focus on the positive!

pink champagne and bacon? Yes, please.

who wouldn't be all smiles with that breakfast of champions?
Camp Crankypants was on the morning of day two, and in defense of the scowlers, it had been a bit of a rough night for the kids, since they were all freezing while their parents were toasted toasty. In defense of the parents, we heard an awful lot of "God mom, I'm FINE" in the moments before sleepytime, so it's their own damn fault.

The morning was nice and warm, though, and when the afternoon became blazing hot, we happy campers took ourselves over to the pool.

Newly minted royal wave skillz
Autumn and I found this vision of my lovely girl lounging adrift quite inspirational, so we quickly kicked her off the raft so we could copy.

Um. We weren't quite as graceful.

But we managed! And not a drop was spilled. Probably.

In defense of my pancake boobs, please understand that this unflattering bathing suit finally achieved the elimination of my strap marks.

I hope you have a friend you laugh with like this, even when you're not hydrating with vodka juice.

You should have seen the drink passing in this position. Talent!
When we finally relinquished the floats to our girls, it was clear that we had now inspired them.

Gotta love the impromtu getaway. Heading home, I had the unique pleasure of being a passenger. It had nothing to do with the vodka juice, I swear. And it gave me a nice chance to capture the nice moments.
Designated Driver Dad

Birthday Dog!

Self Portrait
Westy can't wait for her next adventure.

Neither can I!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw. Wouldn't you just *love* it if we could get our Westy-girls on an adventure together? I sure would.

Me myself personally, I love pancake boobs. So thanks for pointing them out.

And I love that you are an anecdote, not an antidote. You are an anecdote. You have officially become one!

Love it, Jacquie. You all look so warm and brown and happy (except for those going through puberty).



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Okay, three words for you...where were you? Ha ha ha, I crack myself up. You were at Vail lake, I assume? I've never heard of it, but then I am not a Westy owner :-(

Looks like you, Autumn and your vodka juices had the pool entirely to yourselves. Well played!

Gotta love those spontaneous Westy getaways... especially when Bill drives home.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

oh, yeah it was vail lake. I'd never heard of it either, it's up in Temecula. Autumn had a spot and invited us to crash. It's a weird place, the lake is like 3 miles away so we never even saw it. The pools were pretty though, and they had a waterslide built into the hills for the kids. It was crazy hot out there, and the pollen was visibly blowing around so it looked like a snowstorm.


recognizes a crabby kid in PA said...

As long as you keep up with the Pink Champagne and other libations, you'll do just fine getting through the *years* of Camp Crabby!