Monday, January 13, 2014

Clouds 4.0

Hey, you wanna see some clouds?

Yeah, I like clouds, too.

Especially when I'm driving to Mom's on Christmas morning, and Mistah Shuttahbug is in the passenger seat, taking note of the sky above . . .

. . . I love clouds, I do. But Mistah sees the clouds through his own inimitable Mistah cloud-eyes, and they become magical, right before mine very own eyeballs.

I mean, who can make a smokestack look beautiful?

Mistah can.

Mistah and the clouds, they can.



Beth said...

Mistah Shuttahbug is the man!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Super duper cool, man.

Hey, I miss you.


Anonymous said...

I have read hundreds of blogs over the years and rarely do I find one that does humor well. Congrats. This blog is in the 1%.

mom said...

Who knew such beauty between New London and Southport on Christmas morning? love it... xo mom