Thursday, January 9, 2014

My long lost friend

So on Friday a few weeks back while I was going through the mail at work, I came across this creepy, strange postcard.

A glittery, oversized Las Vegas postcard. Not the typical mail we receive at my office.

Oh look, and it's for me.

And it's from my friend of 16 years! Wtf?

No signature from the sender; no last name for me, just Beth; the address of the building next store is scratched out then my building number written in; and the hastily-written-looking text that contains factual errors....

Who would send this to me, and why? And should I be scared?


Pat said...

You might want to run this by Michael...a bit creepy to me.
Love, Mom

Beth said...

I did. His reply was: "No clue." Helpful, no?


Pat said...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Super duper crazy creepy.
Is there anything under that sticker on the bottom?

time to get a dog! at work.


Beth said...

Actually not a sticker, it's part of the post card itself. So, no.

Great thing about our last downsize here at work is that you now have to ring the doorbell to get into the building. No direct access. Not that I think my long last pal is going to show up here.

Really hoping he doesn't, anyway....

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Um, ew? And also, why? What is your long-lost friend even *talking* about.

I do not like him. Not one bit.



Beth said...

oh, you know, just giving me a friendly reminder that I am a mom. And granted, I forget a lot of things, but the fact that I am a mother is not one of them! ;)