Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Last week was a busy and tiring re-entry after the luxurious long Christmas break, and my kids celebrated the weekend's commencement by sleeping away a beautiful Saturday.

Then I came home, and commenced the shaming ritual that inevitably succeeded in luring my lazy spawn up and out of the house by the crack of 3pm.

My girl was a bit under the weather, and we'd been out late the night before singing every single line, so we opted to forgo the previously planned beach/surfing adventure for a less wet pursuit.

As I said, it was a gorgeous day. Hot and sunny and summerlike. I had seen a story on the news about humpback whales being spotted from the tip of Point Loma the day before, and although we'd missed low tide by a couple of hours we thought it would be fun to spend a couple of sunny afternoon hours tooling around Cabrillo National Monument.

To get to Cabrillo, you drive out to the tippy tippy top (bottom) of Point Loma. See?

Cabrillo puts the point in Point Loma

So we take the 8 freeway, see it? then we take Rosecrans to Canon to Catalina and follow it all the way until we fall into the ocean, stopping only to pay $5 per vehicle at the National Park entry gate. along the way, we drive past Fort Rosecrans national cemetery, a hauntingly beautifully creepily cool place if you're into that sort of thing. We are.

On this particular day, we experienced the common yet relentlessly frustrating phenomenon wherein we drive out of the sun and straight into the soup of a thick marine layer. I couldn't even see the end of my car, it was so foggy. When we got to the gate, I told the guy we were just going to turn around. He said: "ohhh, you're the first person to do that today!" smartass.

Rather than just drive home to our boring, sundry albeit sunny life, we made a couple of pit stops.

First, we pulled over at the cemetery to take a little gander.

Put your phones away

Act like you don't know I'm taking a picture

There it is
Then we drove into OB, because I was to be damned if the entire outing passed me by with nary a peep of my ocean. 

Wait, where'd the ocean go?

And what'd they do with the pier?
It was so weird. I've lived here a really long time and I don't think I have ever seen it this foggy

It was cuckoo nuts is what it was.

Suddenly the sun peeked out.... but it was still cuckoo nuts. These photos are posted in the order they were taken, during about a  20 minute period.

looking south

looking north



The pier! The pier! They put the pier back!

Cuckoo nuts.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh I am *so* glad they put the pier back. They are so nice! I love them.

And I love your girl's long legs. All of a sudden she is a girl with long legs. An almost-teenager with long legs. And you boy is hip, man. Got it goin' on, sartorially.

I swear I can *smell* that beach, in that fog, on that day.

Thanks for the trip back to San Diego.


Beth said...

So much fog lately. It's been crazy cool indeed. The cemetary must have been amazing!

But I have to admit that I'm loving today's sunny, sunny 84 degree weather forcast!


BreezieGirl said...

My Grandpa and great grandparents/uncle/aunt are at Ft. Rosecrans. I wonder if you "saw" them :)

mom said...

Crazy fog Jacquie, we've had a lot of that lately too, altho it's a wee bit colder in these parts! I'll take 84 and sunny any day.... love, mom