Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This Is Not About The Polar Vortex.

The weather is interesting and dramatic, yes, and a Polar Vortex is as exciting and fabulous a weather pattern as you're going to get, absolutely, but I am not going to focus on the weather today for two reasons:

1. I'm tired of talking about it.

2. Here in Southeastern Connecticut, we completely lose the weather contest. I mean, New London isn't even the coldest town in Connecticut, nevermind these our United States of America.

Okay, one weather map, to capture that Polar Vortex for prosperity posterity:

(Mistah and I have been in both Southern California and South Florida when similar weather patterns have taken hold of this, our great nation, and let me tell you something right here right now: it's better to be in those places than it is to be anywhere else.)

But we are not talking about the weather today.

Instead, let's talk about onions:

 What I love about Mistah?

 Among other things?

 Is that when he takes photos of onions . . .

 . . . he goes for it.

We could talk about the moon . . .

 . . . or is that too much like talking about weather?

Oh, I know! Food!

New Year's Eve food, to be precise . . .

 A triple olive appetizer . . .

 . . . followed by linguine and clams. If that's not an auspicious start to 2014, you tell me what is.

We can talk about Harry Corey . . .

 . . . and his new blossoms . . .

 . . . and how he stares longingly out onto the world, wishing he could bust out onto the deck . . .

. . . oh wait, that's weather. Weather's the reason he's in-not-out.


Mistah also made a video of these very mushrooms he was sautéing, if you're interested . . .

They ended up in his famous cauliflower-and-onion-(and-mushroom)-pasta concoction, which is one of his specialties.

We can talk about sunsets . . .

 . . . and how awesome they are around here in the wintertime . . .

Wait, is it discussing weather if I use the word "wintertime"?

Okay, let's get back to onions.

Onions and Christmas trees have a lot in common . . .

Very "It's A Wonderful Life" no?

 . . . in that when Mistah photographs them . . .

 . . . he goes plumb crazy.

Oh, hello, Ledgie.

We can talk about how mere days before this cold snap Mistah was outside, basking on the deck.

December 21, 2013.

When just a few days later . . .

January 3, 2014
Polar Vortex, baby.

Wait. Weather! Sigh. It's unstoppable. It's taking over the world.

Okay. Let's talk about this, then.

No matter how tall and lovely and badass and willowy and athletic and gigantic my wee-no-more-niece is . . .

. . . she still has the best jazz hands this side of the Mississippi.


Beth said...

So much to look at!!! The onion and tree series are cool indeed. And that map? Seriously crazy. Love being in my so-cal bubble. Sorry.

The photos of Gidget then and now are priceless, and Harry's looking mighty fine these days. Mistah looks pretty damn relaxed out there on the porch too. Dare him to do it today! ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, my little pumpkin pie schnookie bear baby. Love that kid. I also love that weather map, and am sooo smug and warm. When people complain about the cost of living out here I respond: "WORTH IT."

Your tree is such a tall drink of water. It perplexes me, is that its intended shape? It's lovely, I am fond of that particular body type.

One more question: is anyone allerrrrrgic to mushrooms?


mom said...

that tree was beautiful, I slept 'neath it on Christmas Eve. Love our little/big girl... mom