Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't You Love Food?

Around here, we love food.

We especially love food on a bright October day, with the piano table festooned, and the deck doors open . . .

. . . and a glass of a lovely crisp white pouring . . .

. . . and a lovely Lisa S.'s lovely pink-sheathed arm joining . . .

But let's face it people. This is not San Diego. We have like 12 seconds of nice weather a year here and although we greet those 12 seconds with gusto and verve and élan and enthusiasm, most of the year around here is not temperate.

So we make do.

Actually, we make cauliflower soup.

But how, you ask? How do we make this cauliflower-and-onion-and-spices concoction . . .

. . . with extra roasted cauliflower, I might add, into honest-to-goodness (did I just say honest-to-goodness?) soup . . .

With, my people, a Smart Stick.

Your own blogger Jacquie picked my name in the family Kristina Kringle exchange, and *I* was the benefactor of an honest-to-goodness (I did just say that) immersion blender.

Soup, baby.

But what, I ask you, is a day in the life without a Mistah Schleckah Still Life?

I know. Don't you just love?


Lisa S said...

As soon as I saw the first pic I said to myself: Hey, I think that was the gorgeous day in October that I spent with them! What a great time we had. Miss you both...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I do. I really do love food. Never more so then on day 3 of a 3 day cleanse when I get to salivate over food porn on the blog. Yum! All those peppers would make me boip, though.

Yay for the Smart Stick - I mean Smart Dick. Remember pretzel dicks?

Soup looks so yum, how come I never knew how delish cauliflower was? Mom didn't like it?


Beth said...

I do too! I am currently eating some TJ's HappY Trekking trail mix. Mostly eating the chocolate though, truth be told.

However, I want to partake in that October spread! Yummy.

Oh, and that soup! I love me some coulifower. And a smart dick, that sounds good too.

But the first of the still life shots? My very favorite!!


mom said...

It all looks so good Ellie, except for the cauliflower soup - you guessed it, Jacquie... love, mom