Wednesday, October 7, 2009

heron now

I arrived at work as usual, set down my coffee and yogurt as usual, and booted up the computer as usual.

I walked around to say hello to everyone as usual, and then came back to my desk to eat and drink and merrily say hello to the cyberworld. As usual.

And then I received a most unusual call, which led to a most unusual hour.

Quite suddenly, I was here.

It’s lovely!
But I was woefully separated from my coffee, my yogurt, my internet.

Because I was babysitting this little dude:

It looks wee, like a little sparrow or groundling bopping around.

Hint: it wasn’t.

It was just hanging out in this beautiful place where children come to play. It didn’t appear injured, but was obviously not behaving the way a fledgling Black Crowned Night Heron should.

We called for expert help (but let’s just pretend that I had properly identified the species and genus of our visitor well before the bird lady told it to me), and I hung out to keep an eye on the bird while we waited for the rescuer to arrive.

It was so quiet.

I wanted my coffee.

I hadn’t even checked messages, was there something I needed to take care of first thing?

I should have brought my cell phone.

I wish I had my book.


And then I checked myself - it was a beautiful day, I was in a beautiful place, I had an interesting birdie to look at.

I’m always complaining that I never get enough peace and quiet… now, here it was.

There was nothing to do but tilt my head back, soak up the sun, and simply coexist with this poor displaced creature until its rescuer arrived.

And arrive she did, and she quickly and skillfully scooped my little friend up by the neck

and then it wasn't so quiet
The poor little booger was seriously malnourished, and hadn't flown away because it simply didn't have the strength. I wonder how it came to be on my yard on this particular day. I wonder what it thought of me as we sat and eyeballed each other out there in the splendid, quiet, sun. I hope it's doing okay now at the sanctuary, enjoying a warm bed and restorative fluids. I hope it makes its way back to the water eventually.
Good luck, buddy. And thanks for the respite.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow! Look at that guy! The first photo made me think it was a wee little boidie. He's so strong and fierce! Well, he would be if he had a nice steak and a big glass of red wine.

I hope you gave him an extra thanks for the serendipitous blog opp...


Anonymous said...

Exactly what Ellie said!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Too bad you didn't have your coffee and yogurt -- you could have restored birdie to health yourself!!

There's no denying you work in a beautiful place. We miss it, and miss seeing you too.


Mom C. said...

I love it..... mom

Kathi D said...

Awwww, poor thing! I hope they get him healthy!

Hsin-Yi said...

That's pretty awesome. All my backyard has is skunks...