Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spoiled in Sedona

Have I mentioned that I was in Arizona recently?

From my previous posts you may think there are only hot, dusty ranches and fleabag motels. But you're wrong! Arizona has a lot going for it. And because so many of my newish in-laws live there, I'm going to embrace it.

So far my favorite place in Arizona is Sedona. It's gorgeous! And my husband's cousin and his wife just happened to have built an awesome house there last year, which they generously made available to us earlier this month.

My husband kept referring to the home as a cabin. Think rustic, right? Wrong! This is no "cabin." Upon arrival my oldest daughter kept saying, "This sure is nice for a cabin." And I had to keep correcting her. "This is no cabin, honey, it's a house. A house much, much nicer than our own!"

When you open the front door, you're greeted by this

It puts you right in that southwest mood, doesn't it?

Then you enter the living area to be greeted by this straight ahead

and this to the left

From here you're right next to the door that opens out to this amazing outdoor living area

The patio is fully covered, but open on all sides, and sports a giant outdoor fireplace and flat screen TV in addition to the amazing BBQ. Is there a better way to take in the famous red rocks and afternoon thunderstorms? I think not.

The house is really one amazing view after another. While sitting at the dining table this is the view to the east

and this is the view to the north.

This is what one is forced to look at while doing dishes in the kitchen.

I opted to do a lot of dishes.

And if you look out this window to the right, you can even make out the famous and much visited Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is lovely and built right into the rocks.

Let's take a closer look.

This cool photo was taken by joiwatani and posted on Virtual Tourist. Thanks, Jo!

My husband and his family used to attend Easter services here back in the '70s. Lovely isn't it?

Now if you want to actually leave the "cabin" and all it's gorgeous views, you're not more than 100 yards from a great trail head. A mountain trail from which you can see all matter of flora

and exotic wildlife

Ah, Sedona. What's not to love?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Gorgeous, Beth! That is my kind of cabin, for sure. I'm going to have to think about a weekend trip to Sedona sometime, maybe in the winter :)



cabin envy in Central PA said...

oh shit..please take me to the "cabin"! And while you're at it, could you ask T what is definition of a "house" is??

I think I have a "cabin" in my backyard tree. And I now think I live in a shack!

Thanks for sharing...