Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekend 3-Way: The Fourth of July. Natch.

Happy Independence Day!

We've written about the Fourth of July before -- of course we have -- but it would be just plain silly, not to mention awkward, inappropriate, and downright unseemly, not to approach this subject again, this being America's fabulous holiday weekend.

So, whaddya got, my lovely co-bloggers? Cookouts, Boom Booms, Beach? World Cup, Baseball, Badminton? Beers, Margies, Lemonatas?

Tell us what you're up to this weekend. Or tell us what you wish you were up to this weekend. Or tell us about your favorite Fourth of July ever. Or your worst one. Just tell us.

Music. We're going to see lots of music. At New London's We Rock Festival. Because we do. Rock.

My Dad thinks it's odd when I say we're going to see music because music is, traditionally, about listening to, but what does he know? (Kidding, Dad.)

I may even be in my favorite place at the We Rock fest -- behind the bar, serving all the good peeps of New London beer and wine. Because they rock, too.

The rest of the weekend? Oh I imagine a bike ride or two, a cookout or two, definitely a beach outing or two. And music. Lots more music. Because we rock.

You do rock, Ellie.

Music will not be the focus of the weekend around these parts. Although I'm sure they'll be some. Of course there will be. But will we be able to hear it over the screams of the neighborhood youth? That is the question.

The focus of our 4th will be the street; yes, we'll be en la calle this 4th. Our street has a long tradition of getting a permit to shut it off from through traffic. With blockades at both ends, the street opens up for party time. And this year, we plan to have the badminton you suggest set up in the street between our house and the Winchester's.

Actually, my fourth will entail 5 of your 8 suggestions: Cookouts, Boom Booms, Beach, World Cup, Baseball, Badminton and Beers, Margies, Lemonatas? And the World Cup and mixed drinks are a definite maybe. Shit, maybe I'll even turn on the Padres game, just so I can cross all your suggestions off my list. Plus I'll add kayaking to it.

July 4th 2008; T pulling out Jacquie's and my kids


You BOTH rock. You do.

We'll be crashing joining some friends who are spending the weekend at one of the big, beautiful hotels that line our lovely Mission Bay. There will be many of my favorite peeps in attendance, especially now that Beth has mentioned crashing stopping by! There will be 80 billion kids, and when you throw a couple of pools and a bay and a boat or two into the mix, it's impossible to imagine that it won't be a rollicking good time. The fun part now is to decide what I'm going to bring. I'm thinking of our Jane's famous marinaded flank steak for the grill, and some class of asian noodle salad with the usual accouterments of veggies and hummus and lots and lots of potato chips.

But let's get serious for a minute here, Independence Day is America's birthday, it's not about the food or the friends or the sunshine or even the venue; it's about the drinks! What should we drink?! I saw a photo on the food network's webpage about a firecracker cocktail that is red in color and the glass is rimmed with blue pop rocks, there is no recipe or additional details, but I'm a smart girl, I'm sure I can come up with something red. Or I could go the more traditional route, opting for a cooler of love or the classic drinkie-poo. I don't know, though... there's something about those blue pop rocks that just screams U-S-A!!!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Jacquie? Awe. Some.

You two rock.


hanging out in PA said...

anyone actually watching fireworks??

Pat said...

Hey PA
Up here in upper New york State we put a big stock in Fireworks. I plan to spend the evening on the Lake with good friends watching the fire works in all directions. No fancy cocktails, no badmitten, no rock bands. However, lots of cold beer, vodka and steamed clams.

happy 4th from PA said...

if I had checked this earlier, I would have hoped in the car to join you :)
We'll be awed by the 4th Fest fireworks display and annoyed by the neighbors never-ending stash of fireworks/noise that occurs from June 1st thru Labor Day!