Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Superlatives

Best Champagne Homerun Derby ever.*

(*actually, I think my birthday last year was even better.)

Best praying mantis visit ever.

Best Pasta Pesto a la Mistah ever.

Best co-chefs ever.

Best post-Ocean-Beach-show-party ever.


Best late-night deck blah-blah ever.

Best beach day ever.

Best post-Ocean-Beach-birthday friends ever.

Best dude ever.

Just . . . The Best.


Dawnie said...

Cuz the best deserve only the best?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love it, Ellie! Looks like an awesome birthday. But then you do know how to rock a birthday.

I had to look at the co-chef photo for quite a while to figure out that MD did not also have a ponytail sticking out a bit on the left side of his head! But the photo in full screen size showed the tree branch for what it really was ;-)

Hope your whole year is superlative!


impressed in Central PA said...

It's good to see you know how to celebrate a birthday...where do i sign up??