Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lil' Oscar Love

We had ourselves an unplanned, spontaneous Lil' Oscar Cooler Lovefest a couple of weeks ago.

Lil' Oscar Love, baby.

Now, Mistah and I, as everybody knows, we love Oscars. Love them! But really, who doesn't love a Lil' Oscar? Nobody, that's who. They're impossible not to love. Everybody loves them. But everybody doesn't love that the apostrophe is in the wrong place.

I mean, clearly, Li'l would be better. Or maybe Li'l'. Hmmmm, yeah, okay, that's awkward. But still. Lil' is just wrong. My friend Eileen is dead against it.

But the apostrophe issue aside, a deck full of Lil' Oscars -- and their accompanying parents masters owners -- well, that just makes for good times.

Everybody, grab your Lil' Oscar!

Now pick 'em, up, folks . . .

And . . . smile!

What made the afternoon even more superawesome was Mom was in da house . . .

. . . and everyone knows how much Mom loves a Lil' Oscar.

Sigh . . . oh how we bask in our Lil' Oscar Love.

But honestly, how hard is it to put the apostrophe in the right place?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

HA! Ellie, you crack me up. Such love, but yet such disappointment.

I must say, I did not know that Lil' Oscar came in such diverse colors. Love that. I gotta go with the green and white one though. That is a beaut. The yellow is kinda snazzy too.

I really have to keep my eye out for one.


And, um, Ellie? Get your hands of your mom's glass!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That's *my* glass! Notice it's the one I'm using in every other photo! My mom's the thief, not me.

And I'm not sure about Tommy's (the red-topped one) but every other Lil' Oscar was found second-hand.

Happy Hunting!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mom must have gotten very parched from what was probably a very long self timer photo shoot, lol. Share with your mother, Ellie! No wonder I'm her favorite daughter.



Lisa S said...

So cute! The people, too :-)