Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We live in a pretty great neighborhood. It's centrally located, easy to get to wherever we want to go, or a  perfectly good place to stay put. Some of our closest friends live exactly 10 houses away, and the road between our houses leads directly down into the stadium. Sometimes those two lovely neighborhood elements - the friends and the stadium - intersect for what is always a big time.

This was one of those times.  

We practically owned the view section. There were seats down below, but we wanted sunshine.

Some among us were less enthused about those blinding warming rays

The field says Chargers, but we were there to cheer on our Aztecs. We're not made of NFL ticket kind of money.

We had our girls, always so morose and melancholy.

And my boy, always the life of the party.

The game was exciting and action packed, and lasted approximately 782 hours.

Speaking of the life of the party - imagine the commentary when these were stuffed into various parts of people's pants.  

Our seats in the view section weren't just great for sunbathing. When the sun went down, so did the lights..

and then...

Sky Show!
I kept my camera clicking away during the magnificent, old-school-rock-n-roll accompanied display of pyrotechnics, but I'm no Schlekah. Those were my best shots. It was a great show, though, we were so high up it felt like we were right in the blast zone. We've watched the sky show a million times from our respective yards, but the boom-booms are all pointed straight at the spectators inside the stadium and it's loud and blazing bright and  really just very, very exciting.

It's enough to make your brains bust right out of your ears.
And the best part is that when the festivities are over, none of us had to get behind the wheel or sit in the crawling gridlock of departing cars that snaked their way out of the stadium. We just had one teeeeny tiny little hill to climb to get home. We could even see our houses from up there in the View section!

Right at the top of that line of headlights... see it? That's our hill.

Love my neighborhood, I love my neighbors, and call me crazy, but I love that hill.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I have *seen* you tackle that hill, Jacqueline. You're like some crazy mountain lion. The cute kind, that doesn't bite.

I gotta tell you, though. Once again I'd love to be a fly on the hill to hear how those children did, getting up that bad boy hill. Or actually, maybe it's best this way.

And your photos are awesome! Totally Schleckah-like.

What a fun time! What a great post!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh I bite, Ellie. I bite.

The kids love the hill too, it's really very fun and festive after a game, and it's especially fun to blow past all the slowfolks (as my boy once referred to them) on your way to the top. We do a very dramatic Rocky dance at the top, natch.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

You do have some rockin' neighbors! Love all you peeps. And love the photos of your morose girls and manic boy. Hee hee.

I would have had exactly one less good boom boom photo than you. We really do need our very own Shleckahs, don't we?

I've tackeled the hill to your house exactly two times, and it is fun to cruise on by the frustrated car folk, and you really do feel so good at the top. Like you deserve a cocktail or something....


loves a good college football game in PA said...

nice post!
brought back memories of my days as a San Diego resident...cheering on those Aztecs during the Marshall Faulk years. After the game, America played and there were fireworks. Almost like your fun time, except I was a part of the slowfolks driving home.

Mom C said...

I've climbed that mountain once or twice, I am definitely a slowfolk. I do love driving up it... Mom