Friday, September 9, 2011

Blackout Block Party

Sitting here watching the girls do their respective homework and "note writing"at Ranchos, a groovy Mexi restaurant in OB (Ocean Beach West that would be). Of course they aren't serving any food, because the power is out, but luckily they are serving drinks.

A cold Sierra Nevada never tasted as good as when you don't know where you're getting your next one. Or a Dr Pepper either, I would suspect. (Merrell nods in agreement.)

We're waiting it out a bit because I have very little gas in my car, and burned the majority of it while waiting in traffic on my way to the bus stop (and gas is not being dispensed without power, of course).

With almost all traffic lights out I was worried I wouldn't reach the bus stop before my kids. But I should not have been concerned, the bus was 40 minutes later than me.

We finish our drinks and decide to take our chances getting home. Traffic going out of OB is dying down, the problem we'll face is getting into PB, where we live.

The gas gauge is up to 19 miles when we get in, then quickly drops to 18, then 14. We proceed nonetheless. We hit traffic. As expected. And hope for the best. We park on our street with 4 miles left. Yahoo!

And even better? This is the scene we're greeted with upon arrival:


Pat said...

You californians really know how to make lemonade out of lemons. Hope all is back to normal.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm so hungover from the black out. Thank goodness we have the day off! That was fun :)


Very WET with the lights on in PA said...

blackouts are more fun than flooding!
Thought of you and had to laugh when NPR just said that is was caused by one guy in Yuma doing a repair...don't think he'll live this little "oops" down for awhile :)