Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There Are Reasons We Live In Connecticut, You Know.

. . . And we got to revel in lots of them all in one weekend.

Moon-watching at Lisa's House.

Ledgie Light, in all her* glory.

*There continues to be confusion about Ledgie's gender. Ledgie exhibits characteristics of both male and female lighthouses, so it's hard to know. And frankly? Maybe it just doesn't matter.

A two-year old's birthday party at the beach . . .

Happy Birthday, Ms. G!

The Excellence of the Jelly Roll.

And boats. Boats wherever one looks. Although I rarely get to be on one, I love having boats wherever I look.

I especially love boat-lookin' under a rising Full Moon.

Moonie outdid herself this past weekend.

We also discovered an unknown corner of Mystic . . . 

. . . surrounded by pilothouses and cupolas, we felt like we were in the Florida Keys. Or a Detroit boatyard.

And, as always this fine summer, the Bumper Crop of the Century waits patiently for us at home.

Connecticut? Well, it's not so bad at all.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I know! You're so right. I must say, I never had a buring desire to go to good ol' Connecticut before you moved back there and started blogging about her, but now? Well now there are SO many things I want to do in Conecticut!!

Ocean Beach East, of course! Ledgie viewing -- a must. The Vulcan, the pefect Campagne Homerun Derby field, to meet Jelly Roll, an opportunity to have Jennie work on my locks, a cold, dark beer at the Dutch? To be with you fools when U Conn wins?! The list goes on and on.

Thanks for sharing last weekends Conn highlights ;-) Awesome shots as always!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Lovely! Good old Cee Tee sure does have her shining moments, I'm happy that you are enjoying them.



Mistah said...

Please come visit!
We miss you!

Lisa S said...

Sorry to be so late to comment, but..Love that moon! Love you and Bill! Love Connecticut!!! (Too bad we're now halfway to Ohio...) See you soon, xoxo