Monday, September 19, 2011

Mexi do

My oldest was a bit embarrassed by the corn rows she opted to get on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Not while there (obviously), but once she was back home. She actually hid when a neighbor boy stopped by the house -- ran into her room, laid down on her bed, and covered her head with her hands.

She got over it pretty quickly when he and her younger sister went out to play; she decided to go too. But there was no hiding her self consciousness, her worry about her looks. She had already told me there were DEFINITELY coming out prior to the first day of school, so I knew that she didn't think they were that cool, while her younger sister, at 7 years old, couldn't wait to wear them to school.

Kids grow up, it's no secret, but lately there are all sorts of signs that my 10 year old is changing. Maturing. Increasingly self aware.

It's all fine, but did leave me wondering why she opted to get them at all. The reason, of course, is because she is teetering, one foot in childhood, the other just wishing it was pushing on the gas pedal.

But the reason she gave me for getting them was both practical and sentimental....

She opted for the braids because it's hot in Cabo, but also because it reminded her of her last vacation in Mexico. A trip with three moms, their combined 6 kids, and a nanny helper, in Ixtapa. It was a great vacation where everyone of every age had ample fun. Her comment immediately took me back, and motivated me to dig out this corn row shot for the ages.

Almost makes you with they wouldn't grow up.


Pat said...

Please put a brick (soft) on her head and on her budding awareness....keep her little!!
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love that sweet face. And love that they took a photo op in front of a Baja Traveler ad, what good daughters!

I was hoping for a photo of the 'fro she was sporting when you removed the braids...

love it


deborah said...

When my daughter got cornrows, it took my husband and me four hours to get them out...and the big hair almost kept her from going to dinner!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, look at tiny little Ms. A! Love her then, love her now. And I *love* that corn-braided head.

Baja Traveler! Awesome!

Oh yeah, and the dolphin. Do you know I nave never even *touched* a dolphin?? Oh, wait. I've never had my hair cornrowed either......... YET.


Mom C said...

So cute, love those girls. Mom C