Monday, May 7, 2012

Generator land

It's Monday morning, and I spent a good chunk of this weekend working, and well, I am woefully unprepared for this Monday morning blog post that I'm expected to write. I have already received a "yoooooo hoooooo" message from Ellie, reminding me that it's my turn.

I know it's my turn, I'm not THAT woefully unprepared. (Although Ellie is right to not put it past me.)

But because I am all written out, and have no photos to use for a Monday morning photo dump, I'm going to the experts for help. I've Googled "blog-post ideas" and am now blissfully clicking their idea generator button over and over and over and over.

It's really fun.

Here we go:

4 Things I hate about Mira Sorvino -- I don't know 4 things about Mira Sorvino, although I did see a made-for-TV movie with her in it (The Last Templar) that was truly awful. But she was so cute, that it almost made up for it. Oh, and also, if I'm not mistaken, she was on hospital bed rest for weeks during the same time frame that I was. We both ended up with healthy baby girls. I like that about Mira Sorvino.

My analysis of of Montreal -- Hard to do seeing as I've never been there. I did meet a neurologist from Montreal on the plane ride out the New Orleans last month. He was nice, although he kinda talked funny.

3 Things I like about Shelley Winters -- She has big feet and kind of looks live Olive Oyl, and well, I have big feet and kind of look like Olive Oyl. Except for the hair.

The future of Amen -- ??? Currently praying on this one.

I hate Liz Phair -- I hate frizzy hair

Some thoughts on Tofu -- It's rather disgusting.

My analysis of bananas -- They are yellow, but best when just turning so, potassium-laden and phallic.

8 Things I hate about cockfighting -- There is nothing I don't hate about cockfighting

Here's what infuriates me about bouillon cubes -- They expect you to go and make soup.

I just can't deal with Reese Witherspoon - Oh c'mon, she is adorable. Although I have to admit after seeing some gossip rag make fun of her pointy chin, I am now always noticing her pointy chin.

I hate kickball -- I so do not! I played at a party last spring and got to first base both times I was up!

I hate lettuce -- Does anyone over the age of 16 hate lettuce? It's green and light and yummy. Just ask the bunnies.

I just can't deal with sprouts -- I actually like them, but am so paranoid that I'm going to get botulism or salmonella or listeria that I forgo them.

You know what's better than ESPN? Yes, just about everything. Well except war, homicide, wife beating and the like.

I despise Missouri -- This may or may not be true, as I've not yet made it to Missouri to make a decision.

4 thinks I like about Louisiana -- Easy! Abitta beer. Chargrilled oysters. The carousel bar at Hotel Montelone. The fact that open containers are legal.

I love cereal -- Amen. (Ah, perhaps cereal is the future of Amen.)

I love BBQs -- Me too.

I love Kings of Leon -- Me too.

6 thinks I like about editors -- Really? Just 6 things? What's not to like about editors? They rock.

My analysis of Valentine's Day -- It's for chumps. And kids under 7.

I can't get enough of Diane Keaton -- Me neither. She's awesome.

You know what I love about Uma Thurman -- The fact that her name is Uma. And that the Dali Lama was an occasional guest at her house. And the fact that she has big feet.

Obviously, I could do this all day.

But I can't.

I have to go edit.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I most definitely can and have had enough of Diane Keaton. Agree wtih you on most other points, though. And yay for the idea generator! what fun :)



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh Elizabeth I love this!

(Sorry for the yoooo hooo. I am so addled with my schedule I have not idea of the day or the time these two weeks).

My favorite is:

4 thinks I like about Louisiana -- Easy! Abitta beer. Chargrilled oysters. The carousel bar at Hotel Montelone. The fact that open containers are legal.

Just awesome.

Fun post!

unmitigated me said...

Shelley Duvall looks like Olive Oyl, not Shelley Winters. Shelley Winters looks maybe like Bluto in drag...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh so RIGHT unmitigated! HA!