Wednesday, May 16, 2012

westy and the pink kitty cat man

I’m not big on surprises. I find them startling. However, sometimes a surprise is a wonderful elixir for curing oneself of chronically low expectations.

Take Mothers Day, for instance. I accepted and enjoyed my family’s paltry smattering of gifts, casting aside any trace of petulance by reminding myself that I’d been insistent that all I wanted was a day without bickering. And maybe a pedicure. So I had no grounds to complain that the champagne, chocolate, coffee, magazine, and cards weren’t enough.

Once everyone had vacated the celebratory bedside, I sighed and thought about how I should ask for more if I want more. There was usually more, though. I guessed that as the kids get older, their offerings would become less special, more hallmark.

I bravely got up to face the day, knowing that there would be flowers on the table and that everyone had to do whatever I wanted to do that day, including the procurement of a much needed pedicure if I so desired.

Imagine my SURPRISE!

Isn't she lovely?! In retrospect, I'd mentioned a few times since Monterey last summer and Austin this spring that I would love to have a bike so we could take idyllic family adventures along the Swedish countryside. Or something. It was dumb that everyone else had a bike, despite my well documented terror of all that road threatening to come up and smash my face in, I really do love being on a bike, and I was thrilled that my husband had pulled this off without my input.

We set out to the countryside for the idyllic adventure.

perfectly encapsulated emotions on every face.

ME: It's mothers day, I command you to smile.
It was great, I've completely blocked out the drama of helmet angst (boy) and skinny bridge terror (girl) and all other potentially negative memories. It was mothers day, I had special dispensation to simple eliminate all unpleasant reality.

We went to places I'd never been, we got some exercise, we saw someone snorkeling in a truly disgusting spot, and nobody got hurt (too badly) or mad (criminally) or bored (under threat of manual labor). After our ride, we headed back to the trusty Westy, who had made a nice new friend back at the beach lot

I love O.B.
So many adventures await!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I love OB, too. And Pink Kitty-Cat man (what da?) and especially your sweet sweet bicycling machine. She's gorgeous, Jacqueline! How 'bout that Mr. Can?!

Enjoy your idyllic jaunts through the Swedish Countryside with your Dwarves (you know: Grumpy and Happy and Edgy) and I wish you Mother's Day *every* day.


MB said...

What lovely surprises, an awesome new bike and Pink Kitty-Cat Man! Love it! You & your fam are adorable. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You guys are adorable! And wow, a bike!! Now there is absolutely no reason why we can't cruise the Swedish Countryside via Mission Bay and Beach. I see a definite pub crawl in your/our future!

Yeah for Mr. Can!

And Pink Kitty man!!

And OB!!!

And mother's day.


Noelle said...

Great entry! your writing reminds me of Anne Lamott....crisp, funny and able to tag feelings in the reader/me that I identify with...keep blogging! The three of you brighten many a day!